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Find out about a cheap loan for post employees ? Do you work directly at the post office or with a work contract?

Do you still count to the “old cadre” or did you start your time as a postman only after the postal reforms?

Any of the options hidden in the questions will directly or indirectly affect your credit. With authentic information we support you in your choice of credit.

Compare individual matching loan offers in the credit comparison.

Credit for Post Officers – not a recommended single credit

Credit for Post Officers - not a recommended single credit

The search for a loan for postal workers would have been answered in the past with two buzz words. Credit with B-rate or civil service loan of an insurance company.

Anything else would have resulted in wasted benefits. Unfortunately, good advice is not that easy anymore.

Post reforms have divided and privatized the company. – Postreform I (1989), Postreform II (1994) and Postreform III (1996). One of the consequences was that the personnel structure was changed.

In the past, Post employees were civil servants for life. Employees who already held this status back then are still there today.

Anyone who had the misfortune to miss the right time was still employed in the core company for an indefinite period. In terms of lending, these employees have similar benefits to those of civil servants.

In the majority of cases, Swiss Post outsourced its activities. It was forced to do so, since the profit balance between letter post (loss) and telecommunications (winner) accounted for.

The investors were happy about the profit. Subcontractors are responsible for former core tasks of Swiss Post.

Credit for post employees who are only indirectly employed by the post office is a normal loan for private individuals.

Credit Search – Post Officers still clearly in the advantage?

Credit Search - Post Officers still clearly in the advantage?

Benefits in the search for credit, post office workers and long-term employees of the parent company, can be derived by excellent credit rating. In the case of civil servants, Vater Staat continues to guarantee solely on-time remuneration that is commensurate with income.

As with civil servants, credit institutions similarly assess the income situation of direct postal workers. It is possible for this group of people, regardless of whether formerly mail, telecommunications or Local bank, access to the credit with B-rate.

In addition, life insurance companies continue to compete for lending as a civil service loan. Employees of the upstream companies (works contracts) are for the most part excluded from these advantages.

For employees who are remotely employed by subcontractors at the post office, the credit for post employees is in most cases a real problem loan. For subcontractors, many employees are employed only for a limited time.

Others, such as the familiar faces of the modern post office in the supermarket, are even independent. They run a small kiosk and accept letters and parcels on behalf of the post office.

Funding to occupational status – civil service loan or B-rate

Funding to occupational status - civil service loan or B-rate

First, to the official loan. Lending via life insurance companies used to be an important part of home finance for young civil servants.

The advantage was the special longevity of the financing. To pay slightly higher interest rates was not directly detrimental.

Scope for interest payment offered to extinguish the missing obligation in the case of end-due credit. Only the insurance premiums and the interest were paid on an ongoing basis.

The official loan was repaid by the insurance benefit at the end of the term. Relatively high interest costs were offset by the fact that the profit distribution, which exceeded the guaranteed interest rate, offset a large part of the interest costs.

Unfortunately, these times are over today. Not even the guaranteed interest of old contracts are as safe as they used to be.

Civil servant credit is still the lowest-interest financing offer of many banks today. Taking a loan for a postman with a civil service bonus does not mean that the cheapest interest rate is perceived.

Particularly creditworthy borrowers find in the online loan comparison interest rates that reflect the lowest market level.

Credit tip – market comparison

Most creditworthy borrowers are better off not looking for a special B-rate loan. Excellent credit standing, with regard to a simple loan approval and lowest interest rate, prevails at all providers.

Probably the cheapest loan offer will not score with the nice sounding – B-tariff – but by particularly favorable interest rates. Only for loans with an excessively long maturity (144 months + X), the credit with B-tariff will be “ahead”.

Loans – Employees at Subcontractors of the Post

Loans - Employees at Subcontractors of the Post

A loan for post employees employed by subcontractors will be a normal loan for private sector employees. However, the good name of the customer “Post” does not affect the personal creditworthiness of the applicant.

Like every other employee in the private sector, the good credit bureau score and the permanent employment contract count. The score includes the “good reputation” of the direct employer.

The good reputation as a secure employer is not equally positive for all companies with a works contract. For example, if the employer were familiar with Hire and Fire, it would affect the score.

Young companies that are working for a large company for the first time must first prove themselves as a solvent employer. Whether the credit request is easy to fulfill or becomes a problem, can only show the consideration of the individual case.

A good indication, so that the prospective customer recognizes “where he stands”, offers the self-information of the credit bureau.All data are available once a year free of charge with the credit agency.

If there is a noticeable credit rating weakness, there is still hope.

Bank credit – lending with a weaker credit rating

Bank credit - lending with a weaker credit rating

Basically, credit institutions are obliged to check their creditworthiness. A loan for postal employees of a bank can only be approved if there are no disproportionate risks.

Small “inconsistencies” could be solved by a joint borrowing with a solvent second borrower. Loan with guarantor would also be the easiest way to prove sufficient creditworthiness as an independent owner of a collection point.

Alternatively, the credit for post office employees with a weaker credit rating should also be supported by valuable collateral. The classic example of a social security would be credit with real estate security.

Private credit – creditworthy despite credit rating

Private credit - creditworthy despite credit rating

However, private investors are not affected by the legal requirement to only grant secure credit. What exact claims private lenders make to borrowers, they set themselves.

A private person may grant each credit at his own discretion. Serious credit for private postal workers should nevertheless be subject to “some control” so that nobody is deliberately put behind the fir.

Smava and Auxmoney enjoy an excellent reputation for the sound lending of private investors. On both portals both serious credit for post employees on an independent basis, as well as considerable credit rating restrictions would be possible.

Real credit opportunities exist even though the loan request was previously rejected by banks.

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