10 Benefits of Being Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure is an enduring franchise that has received over a dozen seasons. Pretty CureThe popularity and target audience of also ensure that it receives new installments regularly. Being a Pretty Cure can be a tough job, especially when you’re battling entire teams of villains that threaten society. However, they also have many benefits that come with the position.

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The Pretty Cures rarely work alone, have friends to rely on, and usually save the day no matter how difficult the situation. They also have the ability to transform into beautiful, powerful transformations with unique names, abilities, and outfits.

ten Pretty Cures rarely works alone

Nice fresh cure

The power of teamwork is essential in Pretty Cure. Each season of Pretty Cure had its titular heroines working in pairs or groups of up to six people. The only times the Pretty Cures are forced to work alone is usually because antagonists have separated them from their allies or because they have just begun their adventure and have yet to meet any other Pretty Cures. Outside of these rare situations, all Pretty Cures generally work as a team to defeat their enemies, deal with other difficult situations in their lives, and spend time together.

9 Pretty Cures has immediate access to transformation tools

Pretty CureThe young heroines of have access to transformation tools, often in the form of compacts, which allow them to transform into their Pretty Cure forms. These devices are handy because they might encounter bad guys wherever they go. Having immediate access to their transformation tools is perfect for taking on baddies at any time. Portable transformation tools save you from having to transform in a set location while the baddies wreak havoc. They also allow Pretty Cures to effectively protect people.

8 Pretty cures usually have guides to help them

Most Pretty Cures have a guide or two to help them understand the seriousness of their situations and how to handle them. Mascots such as Peko from Kira Kira Pretty Fashionable Cure or other characters, like Laura from Tropical-Red! Precureare available to help Pretty Cures figure out who they’re up against and why.

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Having guides to help new Pretty Cures out is extremely handy as it gives them a clear picture of why they’re fighting the monsters and villains they encounter. Having a guide could also help them discover their new powers and transformations as Pretty Cures, especially at the start of their journey as a magical girl.

seven Pretty Cures have the ability to defeat their unique villains

The pretty cures are often the only people able to defeat each installment’s unique antagonists. Kirakiraru’s thieves, for example, steal special candies from Kira Kira Pretty Fashionable Cure while the Yaraneedas steal people’s motivation in Tropical-Red! Precure. If the Pretty Cures didn’t have special skills to defeat these monsters, the antagonists would be nearly impossible for anyone else to defeat. Normal people might be able to damage or distract bad guys, but defeating the monsters themselves is out of the question.

6 Pretty cures always help others in need

Pretty Cures often helps everyone in need, ranging from friends and loved ones to the world, depending on the severity of their situation. Pretty Cures make sure that rescuing civilians and innocents takes priority while fighting the bad guys and most people get away with their efforts unscathed. Whenever someone gets hurt, Pretty Cures rushes to help or provide medical assistance. Pretty Cures always focus on keeping others safe no matter who is in danger, even if it’s a wild animal.

5 The pretty cures have lasting friendships with each other

The fact that Pretty Cures work as a team means they all have to get along. Fostering teamwork means they have the opportunity to form lasting friendships with each other as they need to trust each other with their lives. Each Pretty Cure can have different personalities that cause clashes, such as Cure Chocolat and Cure Macaron initially not getting along.

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However, they eventually learn to understand each other and work well together. Knowing that they are fighting the same enemy together also helps the Pretty Cures bond with each other and withstand the stress of fighting multiple enemies.

4 Each Pretty Cure has unique outfits, names and abilities

Healin' Good Pretty Cure Cure Earth

No two Pretty Cures are the same, and each Pretty Cure has their own name, fashionable outfit, and special abilities. Cure Summer has a white outfit with rainbow hair, for example, while Cure Whip has a pink outfit with bunny ears. Each group of Pretty Cures may have similar transformation tools, but their abilities and outfits are designed especially for them, so they stand out as individuals. Since each Pretty Cure doesn’t have exact copies of the other’s outfits and abilities, they are celebrated for their quirks while being a tight-knit team.

3 Each pretty cure has its own unique story

Each Pretty Cure has a different story. The basic concepts of becoming a Pretty Cure and defeating villains may be similar to each other, but their specific battles and conflicts are quite different for each Pretty Cure.

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Some Pretty Cures even join the main story later than others, so they have different experiences compared to the Pretty Cures who were there from the start. No matter who the Pretty Cures fought or where they came from, their time as the Pretty Cures is a moment they will remember for a lifetime, long after their main adventure has ended.

2 Each pretty cure offers creative solutions to their problems

All of the Pretty Cures are pretty good at coming up with creative solutions to problems. Notably, Pretty Cures encounters a wide range of dilemmas. Unique monsters of the week that cannot be defeated normally, discovering social situations (like running for class president), saving other school clubs from suspension, figuring out how to run a bakery, or helping others solve their relationship problems are all problems that Pretty Cures has solved with ingenious solutions.

1 All pretty cures have a happy ending

Pretty Cure White Cure

Unlike other magical girl groups that might meet tragic and sad endings, Pretty Cures usually get a happy ending one way or another. Their main antagonists are defeated in the end, innocent people are saved, and Pretty Cures can rest easy knowing the world will be safe because of their efforts. The journey to achieve their goals and save the day can be difficult, but it will always be worth it in the end. Their determination to go all the way and do what needs to be done is a truly admirable trait.

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