10 Best Games Like Forspoken

Speak, which is sure to be a best-selling fantasy RPG game, won’t arrive until next October due to delays. However, the creative and expansive world is something a lot of games rely on and there are plenty that also match Forspoken aesthetically.

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All that said, there are already plenty of fun and challenging video games that people should check out while looking forward to this fall arrival. While Speak is about to be an awesome and well-developed game, there are others just as good.


Hogwarts Legacy (2022)

The player with Poppy Sweeting in Hogwarts Legacy

While Hogwarts Legacy probably won’t be released until next winter and will contain bits and pieces of wizarding world history, it’s worth mentioning on this list as it has an extremely similar gameplay style to Speak with spells and all sorts of mystical creatures taking part in the game’s journey.

This game is perfect for fans of Harry Potter and it will be great for fans of Speak to play when they finish that game and need a new one. There are fresh new characters and a really detailed story that will appeal to anyone interested in the series.

Infamous (2009)

Infamous PS5 gameplay image

Infamous is an older game franchise, but it still holds up today as an action-oriented RPG game with an open world. The game really makes fans sympathize with the gritty main character who has similar powers and abilities to the protagonist of Speak.

Overall this game is going to be a little clunky just because it’s older, but the story is what drives it and the powers will intrigue any fan of fantasy RPGs. Although it is not set in medieval times, its townscape is quite elaborate.

Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)

Horizon Forbidden West is tied to Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawnalthough more sci-fi than fantasy, has an art style very similar to Speak because it has a world that has a mix of vibrant characters against a dark, surreal landscape.

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Although players fight robots in this game as opposed to dragons or other mystical creatures, there is a massive post-apocalyptic world to explore. The main character is also a powerful and intelligent woman, as in Speak.

Genshin Impact (2020)

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato Elemental Burst Build

Genshin Impact has an art style very similar to The Legend of Zelda, but it is much more versatile as there are many different champions with different element powers that players can swap between and it can be multiplayer. Another great advantage is that it is totally free.

Which makes Genshin Impact similar to Speak are the magic abilities and the range of abilities available in this game. Not to mention that there are many different mystical creatures that players can fight in the game to level up and complete by Genshin best character quests.

Assassin’s Creed (2007)

A promotional image of Edward Kenway, the protagonist of Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

the Assassin’s Creed The franchise has many different variations and games that all involve people rooted in a historical era and the main bosses are all human. Although there is really no fantasy in this game, it does have violent combat similar to Speak.

This game doesn’t have any magic or abilities that make it a fantasy game, but the games overall aesthetic is very old in a way reminiscent of Speak. They are great single-player RPG games and the battles can be very intense due to their realism.

Dark Souls (2011)

Warrior lighting a bonfire in Dark Souls Remastered promotional artwork

dark souls is one of the oldest games on this list, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s the easiest. just like Ring of Eldenit is known to be extremely difficult and to quickly cause players to lose patience because of it.

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The medieval art style of the game is similar to Speak and it has dragons and tons of other weird monsters to fight at every turn. Not to mention, it has a huge map that takes hours and hours to explore.

Skyrim (2011)

Skyrim player prepare to fight the dragon

Skyrim has a really similar aesthetic to Speak as it has a fantasy medieval setting with dragons and a dark misty backdrop. It’s been out for quite a long time and it has such a great story set in an expansive world that lasts for hours and hours.

Although there isn’t really any magic like you would find in Speak, it has interesting abilities and character interactions with fun game challenges and puzzles to play. It’s just a classic that every RPG fan should pick up at some point and many fans agree you have to play Skyrim at least twice to get the most out of it.

The Legend of Zelda (1986–present)

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD Link Strike

The Legend of Zelda is an open-world game with a cheerful and beautiful art style and some really fun abilities that Link acquires as he defeats different divine beasts. It’s similar to Speak due to his mystical abilities and creatures with strange and powerful abilities like wizards.

The game has a very light flow and although there are some challenging mechanics, its enchanted world is something fans of predicted can really hold on and enjoy. It might not be as gritty or dark, but it’s one of the best open-world games out there.

Ring of Elden (2022)

A character in the Fire Catacombs in Elden Ring

The new release Ring Elden, which has some of the best quotes in the game, is an extremely popular product right now because of its difficulty and because it’s so good for world building. Although he doesn’t have the same kind of powers as Speakit has a similar aesthetic to the medieval fantasy world.

What makes this game most like Speak, however, is that it’s an open world to explore with tons of boss battles and challenges that will make anyone more satisfied when they complete it. If someone’s about to anticipate Speakthis game will keep them busy for months.

Shadow of the Colossus (2005)

A promotional image for the PlayStation video game Shadow of the Colossus.

The shadow of the colossus is similar to Speak because of its overall landscape. The game is basically all about fighting bosses, like Ring of Eldenand it keeps the hazy and intimidating wide world that is also in Speak.

This game has tricky mechanics when it comes to general controls, which can be a little frustrating, but it has the same fantastic feeling that fans of Speak will absolutely love it.

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