10 characters who would win big at the Olympics


The Tokyo Summer Olympics feature 33 sports with multiple events in each category. Like the athletes who participate in this event that brings the world together, the characters of Hunter x hunter train to become stronger and improve their abilities. They also work to master their Nen – by improving their own strength, manipulating items, or using their aura in other ways.

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Some Nen abilities are a perfect match for an Olympic sport, and some Nen users also have natural talents to go along with their powers. If any of these characters made it to Olympic events that allowed the use of the Nen, they would be in perfect shape to clinch a medal or two.

ten Ikalgo’s skills are perfect for filming events

Killua Ikalgo Sniper

Ikalgo has a conjuring ability called Fleadom, which allows him to transform his tentacles into an air pistol and use specialized flea bullets. He’s a master sniper, able to shoot targets out of his visual range if given their coordinates. During the Chimera Ant arc, he took control of a body using his Nen Manipulation and targeted Killua.

Although Killua was running and was hidden among the trees, and although Ikalgo was perched on a rock in the distance, Ikalgo still managed to hit Killua with his fleas several times before Killua located him. With his expert shooting skills, Ikalgo could easily dominate any Olympic air rifle event, especially since they are all much closer and unobstructed.

9 Feitan would do a quick job of any fencing opponent

Feitan holding his sword

Feitan Porter is one of the most capable and intelligent members of the Phantom Troupe. He wouldn’t need to use his Transmutation Nen to win an Olympic event – he could easily win a medal in fencing without any aura. As seen in his battle against the Chimera Ant Zazan, Feitan carries a sword hidden in the handle of his umbrella.

With skillful movements and expertise with his blade, he parried Zazan’s attacks and exploited even the smallest openings to deal damage. He didn’t use any Nen to improve his fencing, and he was skillful enough that even Kalluto, one of the Zoldyck family’s expert assassins, couldn’t keep up with his moves. It’s safe to say that Feitan could take part in any fast-paced fencing event and hardly needs to rush before hitting his opponent and winning.

8 Razor’s spikes would break the competition

As the game master of Greed Island, Razor is considered powerful even by Ging Freecss, one of the most powerful Nen users in the world. Razor was introduced during the Greed Island arc when Gon, Killua, Hisoka, Bisky, and other players faced him in a game of dodgeball enhanced by Nen. Although this is not a volleyball game, Razor has shown mastery of a few volleyball techniques.

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When Gon threw a powerful throw at him using his Jajanken technique, Razor hit the ball the same way volleyball players do, dampening his momentum and sending it where he wanted. He also used an aura infused jump tip, and he was previously shown in the arc using another jump tip with a bullet made only of aura via his Nen Emission. In an Olympic volleyball match, Razor could be a powerful asset as a wing striker and help his team achieve victory.

7 Pokkle would hit the Bullseye in archery

Pokkle Nen Red Arrow

Pokkle’s early days saw him carrying a bow and arrows on the Hunter exam, and after passing and graduating, he developed a similar style with his Nen Show. His rainbow ability allows him to shoot aura arrows with different effects.

While he might not have been strong enough to defeat all of the Chimera Ants he encountered, Pokkle’s archery skills were unmistakable and his accuracy flawless, successfully pulling off every headshot. which went unnoticed by its target. Pokkle could undoubtedly win a medal in individual archery events, and possibly both with and without his Nen.

6 Tsezguerra’s jump would soar above its competitors

Tsezguerra shows his jump towards Killua and Gon

During the Greed Island arc, Tsezguerra and his team joined Gon and Killua in their search for maps. The latter were looking for allies, and when they encountered Tsezguerra again in-game after meeting him previously in Yorknew City, Killua asked if Tsezguerra could prove his strength.

Tsezguerra demonstrated one of his abilities: he concentrated his aura in his feet and then jumped more than 16 meters in the air. Although Gon and Killua both quickly broke this record, Tsezguerra could still explode any Olympic competition – the men’s high jump record is 2.45 meters.

5 Killua would kick his way to gold

Killua with his skateboard during the Hunter exam and showing Gon a trick

There is more to Killua than just his strength and fighting skills. While not featured much in the show, Killua’s skateboard is easily recognizable and his dexterity is memorable. During the 287th Hunter Exam, Killua rode his skateboard for part of the first phase, easily overtaking the other candidates, until he decided to stick with Gon.

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Killua made a flashy exit, spinning his board in the air and grabbing it. Later in the penalty room during phase three, he was shown teaching Gon the same trick. Killua already has the cool attitude of a skateboarder, and it goes without saying that he can do a lot more tricks. If nothing else, like the brilliant prodigy that he is, he could easily learn things at the level of an Olympian and surpass them.

4 Uvogin would be the winning weightlifter

Uvôguine showing his strength

Uvogin is already a naturally strong guy, but as an incredibly powerful Enhancer he uses his Nen to boost his strength even more. He’s the arm wrestling champion of the already strong Ghost Troop, can throw stones with bullet speed, and can tear his opponents apart without thinking. His Big Bang Impact literally shattered the ground beneath him during his fight against the Shadow Beasts. Without a doubt, even a small amount of his enhancement could earn him the gold medal in weightlifting, where pure muscles beat everything.

3 Gon would only need a good punch

Gon Jajanken Punch Power Up

Gon has demonstrated time and time again that his Nen is only part of what makes him a strong protagonist. However, his Nen Jajanken technique, based on Rock Paper Scissors, is indeed his most powerful ability. By charging Rock, Gon can land one of the biggest hits of Hunter x hunter, and with enough emotion behind it, it scares even the most experienced hunters and villains.

All Gon would have to do in an Olympic boxing match is drop a rock and he’ll have won. In the meantime, he’s also shown, like during his battle with Hisoka in Heaven’s Arena, that he can also use kicks and strategy. Together he would make a fierce boxing contender.

2 Netero would never drop the ball

Netero ball game

As the president of the Hunter Association for most cartoons, Isaac Netero is one of the most respected characters. The first time he’s seen in action is during the match he plays with Gon and Killua on the airship between the Hunter exam phases – a game somewhat similar to handball.

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While the rules of the game for Netero were much simpler than those for handball, the general idea of ​​keeping the ball in his possession was the same. Without even using his right arm or left leg for most of their game, Netero beat both Gon and Killua, never letting them take the ball – even when Killua used his Rhythm Echo technique. Netero would be a huge asset to any Olympic handball team and could win his team a medal while barely sweating.

1 Cheetu’s speed would make him the leader

Cheetu making guns and smiling

Cheetu’s name of the game is speed, and while that might not always allow him to beat professional hunters, it would certainly allow him to beat professional runners. Rivals in any Olympic track event would be no match for him. He can run so fast you can’t see him, reaching speeds of over 200 kilometers per hour – far faster than even the fastest runners around the world. Cheetu would complete the 10,000-meter track event – the longest in the Olympics – in no time, and his improved endurance means he wouldn’t even be tired at all.

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