10 funniest VALORANT memes that will hurt your side

VALORANTS is one of the most engaging first-person shooters of all time, and it’s natural to find yourself in some hilarious situations. Whether he’s stuck in the money or a high-level beamer, funny situations will always crop up during the game. Making the most of those hilarious situations and turning them into memes is something the VALORANTS the community is all too familiar. the VALORANTS the competitive nature can be frustrating at times, and you have to understand that it’s a game after all. After all, having fun and enjoying those ridiculous moments in the game makes it that much more enjoyable.

The diversity VALORANTS The community never misses an opportunity to turn a hilarious moment into a meme. Some of these memes represent how a player feels in these situations. These accurate visual representations are sure to blow your mind and show off the lighter side of the game. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best VALORANTS memes, and you can always create your own based on funny situations that happen in the game. So if you’re looking for wholesome memes revolving around the VALORANTS agents, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 funniest VALORANTS memes that will hurt your ribs.

VALORANTS memes that will make you laugh

Phoenix’s Healing Ability

Screenshot via u/ramizod on Reddit

Have you ever had a Phoenix player on your team who freaks out and throws a Hot Hands after getting shot once for 10 HP? We’ve all been there, burning alongside other teammates as Phoenix heals from his fireball ability. While that makes for a great meme, Phoenix Hands needs to realize that his Hot Hands ability actually hurts his teammates. If you really need to heal from fire, find a distant location that isn’t in your teammate’s path.

Stop flashing your teammates

Screenshot via u/Mika_undefined on Reddit

Players using agents with a flashbang ability and trying to use trick flash to blind their opponents often end up blinding their teammates. This is common for agents like KAY/O, Your, Phoenix, and Skye. Checking the stream reveals how blindsided you’ve been to your entire team. While your teammates understand the noble efforts of performing a flash trick, they would be happy not to be subjected to these experiments. Next time, fire that flash at enemies, not teammates.

Sage at Hookah is a better love story than Twilight

Screenshot via u/sahl030 on Reddit

Senior sages are often tasked with holding the hookah while defending site B on Bind. You can use Sage Wall and Slow Orbs in this situation when opponents decide to rush the site. Players find themselves helpless and, naturally, end up dying in this situation. It’s kind of funny since Sage is the healer but ends up being the first to fall.

Turret rise

Screenshot via u/[deleted] on Reddit

Killjoy has an in-game voice line that says your weapon is just a tool. It’s rich coming from an agent with an arsenal of tools to damage opponents in VALORANTS. We’ve all faced the deadly dilemma of peeking at Killjoy’s turret, especially on eco rounds. If you want to see what aim assist works in video games, just stand in front of an opponent’s Killjoy turret.

Skins on wins

Screenshot via u/Formal_Meme on Reddit

Weapon Skins in VALORANTS have broken more friendships than anything else. It’s quite common to bait a teammate with a good weapon skin so you can pick them up as soon as they die. While it’s ridiculous, players often prioritize getting a weapon skin over rescuing their teammate or defusing the Spike.

Hello they call me Lineup Larry

Screenshot via u/Error_309 on Reddit

Have you ever faced a situation where all your teammates are dead and you are the only one to defuse the Spike? Nothing could go wrong except there’s a lineup, Larry, on the opposing team trying to pull an ability halfway down the map. This is one of the funniest but most common situations in VALORANTS when players get frustrated with opponents playing queues.

Abilities? What is that?

Screenshot via u/Auriq02 on Reddit

Taking a page from Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness is a meme that aptly represents KAY/O’s ultimate ability. This bot can suppress agents and briefly prevent them from using their abilities. On top of that, KAY/O can be revived if knocked down using the ultimate. Looks like this artificial intelligence is a troublemaker in disguise.

Odin will brrrr

Screenshot via u/IRONMAN_y2j on Reddit

The score is 10-4, your team wins with a solid lead and you are only a few eliminations away from being the MVP. What could go wrong? Enter Odin users with their desperate need to spam their opponents with a machine gun. Spraying opponents with an Odin can be very satisfying. We are all guilty of doing this by losing. This situation remains one of the funniest aspects of the game.

Spam abilities, at least one will stick

Screenshot via u/sahl030 on Reddit

VALORANTS agents have many abilities that may seem strange and absurd to new players. Whenever someone hears a gunshot, they quickly go into panic mode and start spamming. This counterproductive behavior spawned one of the best memes, depicting some of the agents and their quirky in-game abilities.

Bad goal? Welcome to Silver

Screenshot via u/DoritosKing775 on Reddit

Aiming is at the epicenter of a tactical FPS like VALORANTS, and not everyone is gifted with the skills of a professional player. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the game design to get a few kills. Players at lower ranks tend to have poor reticle placement, allowing a weapon’s recoil to point towards the opponent. This is clearly a miss-success situation where you’re aiming for an opponent’s feet, but thanks to the weapon’s recoil, the bullet hits their head.

Installocker detected

Screenshot via u/sphink_ on Reddit

To conclude, we have the age-old problem of installing in VALORANTS. Players will find random teammates setting up a duelist, not even understanding that agent’s abilities. The most notorious instalock picks include Jett, Reyna, and Raze. It’s bound to remind you of Professor McGonagall’s dialogue, “why, when something happens, it’s always the three of you?” These are some of the funniest VALORANTS memes that we found on the Internet, and if you have never faced a similar situation in the game, you are missing the point of having fun.

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