10 Strongest Bleach Characters Who Can Actually Beat Goku

For a decade, Bleach was one of the most popular anime and manga series in the world, and fans will finally be able to see the anime version of the final arc later this year. One of the reasons why Bleach is so popular is the fact that it featured Soul Reapers, Hollows and the Quincy. There are a ton of characters spread across these factions, and they all have unique combat styles and abilities.

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Goku could be part of the dragonball franchise, but many consider him the strongest anime character of all time. In terms of overall strength, Goku can take on real gods, which means he can easily beat a lot of Bleach’characters. That said, there are a few characters who are strong enough to potentially beat him.

ten Tōshirō Hitsugaya’s fully matured Bankai would be too much for Goku to handle

Toshiro mature bankai

Tōshirō Hitsugaya may look like a 14-year-old boy, but he’s actually one of the strongest captains. He uses Hyōrinmaru, the oldest and most powerful ice-based Zanpakutō, and it allows him to control ice and water.

Goku can withstand the ice created by Tōshirō’s Shikai and immature Bankai, but the mature version is another story. When the Bankai matures, Tōshirō becomes an adult and he is able to freeze anything with a wave of his hand. Normally, ice wouldn’t stop Goku, but this ice nullifies an enemy’s abilities and movements, meaning their physical strength and ki would vanish.

9 Zommari Rureaux’s Resurrection Can Control Goku’s Body

Goku has learned a lot from Whis, but not even an angel can prepare him for the resurrection of Zommari Rureaux. As the 7th Espada, Zommari was by no means the strongest Arrancar in Aizen’s army, but he had an ability that could easily stop Goku.

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Zommari’s body gains up to 50 eyes from his Resurrección, and each eye can place a sun-shaped tattoo on an enemy. If the Espada is able to place one of these tattoos on Goku’s head, it will take over his entire body. He can then transform the Saiyan into his own zombified weapon.

8 Even Goku Can’t Handle Aizen’s Immortality and Shikai

Aizen rules over Hueco Mundo in Bleach

Despite his immense power, Aizen is an anime villain who tries to avoid conflict at all costs. Now that he has achieved true immortality, not even Goku is able to kill him. Under normal circumstances, Goku can still defeat Aizen by holding him down or knocking him out, but Aizen’s Shikai would prevent that from happening.

When his Shikai is activated, Aizen can place someone under complete hypnosis by controlling his five senses. Given the chance, he can make Goku kill his family and friends without even knowing it, and when he breaks the hypnosis, Goku won’t be able to live with the results.

seven With Antithesis, Uryū can trade any damage he has taken

uryu looking over the shoulder bleach

A number of Bleach the characters have changed a lot since the beginning of the series, including Uryū Ishida. He was the first Quincy fan to be introduced, and he’s been known to use a bow, but he gained a major power-up in the final arc.

Yhwach gave him a power called Antithesis, and there’s no way for Goku to counter it. This ability allows Uryū to completely reverse anything that happens between two targets, including damage. All Uryū has to do is force Goku to punch him until he’s close to death, and at the very last second he can reverse it so Goku is the one who dies instead. .

6 Yhwach can alter the future

Bleach Soul King - Yhwach on his throne

There are a number of dragonball characters that Goku will probably never surpass, but none of them are as overpowered as Yhwach. He is the son of the Soul King, the father of all Quincy, and he possesses a power called The Almighty.

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When this power is active, Yhwach gains Omni-Precognition, which allows him to see everything that happens between the present and the future. This means he can see every move Goku will make before he even makes it. He can also use this ability to alter the future to whatever outcome he desires, so there’s almost no way he can lose.

5 Ichibē Hyōsube can render Goku impotent

Ichibē Hyōsube - The Commander of Division Zero

Ichibē Hyōsube is the leader of Division Zero, which means he is arguably the strongest Soul Reaper alive. His Zanpakutō comes in the form of a giant calligraphy brush and his Shikai releases black ink that can erase the powers of anything under it.

If this ink lands on Goku, not only will his strength and ki disappear, but they will also be absorbed by Ichibē. His Zanpakutō was the first to achieve an awakened form before the word “Bankai” existed, and this form allows Ichibē to rename things. If he changes Goku’s name to paper, the mighty Saiyan will be as weak as a piece of paper.

4 Captain Unohana’s Bankai can melt Goku in seconds

Unohana uses Minazuke on Kenpachi

Captain Unohana is a founding member of the Gotei 13, and despite her sweet and warm personality, she was once Soul Society’s worst criminal. His Shikai turns his sword into a giant manta ray that can heal people with its stomach acids.

In addition to being a master swordsman, Unohana possesses both dangerous and effective Bankai. Upon release, his sword liquefies into a dark red substance that acts like acid. Goku’s body may be durable, but even he can’t handle the acid that can turn someone into a skeleton in seconds.

3 Baraggan can rapidly age Goku and all of his attacks

Baraggan is the former king of Hueco Mundo, and he is undoubtedly one of the Bleach’the most selfish characters. As the 2nd Espada, he possessed a tremendous amount of spiritual energy, and his Resurrección gives him one of the most powerful abilities in the series.

When his Resurrección is released, everything around him rapidly ages until he turns to dust, meaning Goku will die of old age if he tries to fight him in hand-to-hand combat. His ki blasts would also succumb to rapid aging, even a Kamehameha couldn’t hit Baraggan.

2 Gremmy Thoumeaux can literally turn her imagination into reality

Gremmy uses her power against Kenpachi

The Sternritters are a particularly powerful group of Quincy, and Gremmy is strong because his power is inherently broken. His special power is called “The Visionary” and gives him the ability to turn fantasy into reality.

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If he uses his imagination to visualize Goku’s heart exploding, it will happen. Gremmy can tell that Goku is as strong as a teddy bear and his attacks won’t do any damage, and he can theoretically turn Goku’s ki blasts into harmless glitter bombs. Even though Goku is able to hurt him, Gremmy can just heal himself by imagining him.

1 Captain Commander Yamamoto’s Bankai can eliminate Goku from existence

Ryujin Jakka on fire

The anime world is full of incredibly strong old characters, and Captain Commander Yamamoto is one of them. He was the strongest Soul Reaper for ages, which makes sense since he wields one of the strongest swords in all of anime.

His Shikai can burn anything he swings at, but Goku can theoretically dodge these attacks. Using his Bankai, Yamamoto can engulf his body in heat reaching temperatures of 15 million degrees, meaning even Goku would burn if he came near him. If Yamamoto is able to nick Goku’s skin, he will make the Saiyan disappear.

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