10 Strongest Female Characters In Anime TV Shows

fans of Encanto can’t get enough of Luisa Madrigal – a strong and seemingly unwavering female character. Luisa is one of the most beloved Encanto characters for its strength and vulnerability. Luckily, there’s a bigger catalog of strong female characters in anime and live-action TV shows than there used to be.

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The diversity of female representation continues to grow in animation and one of the best places to showcase this wide range of female strength and immense power is through the incredible animation designs and effects of these series. . These women are strong but also have complex and deep characteristics that make them relatable and admirable.


Vi – Arcane : League Of Legends

Vi in the League of Legends Netflix series Arcane

EsotericThe protagonist of Vi, is one of the strongest characters in the series. She’s a born fighter with a terrifying punch, even from a young age. Vi’s outfit still includes her signature bandage sleeves, so people quickly know she’s always ready for a fight.

She faces Silco and his minions time and time again, and except for a few injuries, Vi emerges victorious. The show pits Vi and Sevika – two incredibly strong female characters – against each other and creates some of the most intense fight scenes that are amazing to watch. Vi is a juggernaut and that can be said even when she’s not wielding the Atlas Gauntlets.

Captain Carter – What if…?

Peggy Carter Captain America What if

And if… ? took a fan-favorite character from their cinematic universe and made her even more appealing to fans by injecting her with the super-soldier serum meant for Steve Rogers. In some ways, Peggy is a better captain than Steve Robers, but she could also be stronger, given that she was already a formidable force before taking a serum that enhanced her abilities.

She’s a strong melee fighter, but she could also make knights gasp at how she could wield a sword alongside her Vibranium shield. Carter shows her full potential in these episodes, especially when she takes down an interdimensional squid monster with greater ease than most Marvel superheroes. She’s fierce and unstoppable, and fans can’t wait to see Hayley Atwell play Captain Carter again.

Garnet – Steven Universe

Garnet is one of the strongest gems in Steven Universe other than diamonds. She is a fusion of ruby ​​and sapphire, which enhances their individual abilities. Garnet uses her future vision, wisdom, and strength to battle all of her opponents almost effortlessly – not to mention she can do it while singing.

She is a cool, calm, and collected leader of the Crystal Gems. Her inner strength comes from Ruby and Sapphire’s love, and they are stronger together than apart. Alongside aliens from across the universe, Garnet and the rest of the Crystal Gems fight stereotypes around gender identity and homosexuality. She is a standout role model for Steven, a gem and everyone is watching.

Harley Quinn – Harley Quinn

Harley from the Harley Quinn series

Although he doesn’t have powers of the same magnitude as Poison Ivy or Wonder Woman, harley quinn is one of the strongest female characters in the DC Animated Universe. She’s a terrifying heavy hitter, literally – Harley can punch skulls and break her knees with one punch. She’s completely unpredictable, which only makes her more threatening.

With gymnastic skills, immunity to toxins, and enhanced strength, durability, and agility abilities, Harley is a menacing challenge to beat. She possesses her strength and turns out to be one of the smartest characters in harley quinnwhich probably means Harley could easily rule the world if it weren’t for the heroes saving it.

She-Ra/Adora – She-Ra and the Princesses of Power


Adora’s impressive alter-ego, She-Ra is the most powerful character in the series. She possesses incredible strength, agility, and healing powers – not to mention she can harness the magic that makes Etheria so special.

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She’s known for her brawn rather than her brains, and her weapon of choice is, of course, the Sword of Protection. But even without her sword and her powers, Adora proves herself to be a capable fighter in the early episodes of Season 5. She knows her true strength lies not in her She-Ra powers, but in the love she receives from her best friend. Team: Catra, Bow and Glimmer.

Toph – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Toph's combat outfit in ATLA

Avatar: The Last Airbender viewers have been enamored with the strong and sarcastic Toph since her appearance in Season 2. Ever since she was born blind, she has learned to use earthbending as an extension of her senses. This makes her earthbending skills unprecedented, and she even invented a new form of bending: metalbending.

Toph is able to beat almost anyone she faces and has bested the Avatar in fights – both Aang and Korra. She is aggressive and confident in her abilities. She knows she is the greatest earthbender in the world and since the character’s inception, she has been an inspiration to many.

General Amaya – The Dragon Prince

Amaya in The Dragon Prince

General Amaya is one of the best characters in The Dragon Prince for his iron will, compassion, and depiction of deaf people in fantasy stories. Due to her deafness, she has an exceptional sense of lucidity and strategy. She is a fierce warrior and the general of the permanent battalion of Katolis.

Amaya is incredibly intimidating and unafraid to show it, even though her translator, lieutenant, and friend don’t convey the same passion in conversation. Although she is a terrifying adversary in battle, she is also caring and loving, especially when it comes to her nephews, Ezran and Callum. Amaya is also immensely honorable and saved her former enemy, Janai, a Sunfire elf, from her mortal fall.

Ahsoka Tano – Star Wars

Ahsoka Tano wielding her green Clone Wars lightsaber

star wars‘ Ahsoka has become a fan-favorite character over time. Originally appearing in Star Wars: The Clone Warsshe has now appeared in several television shows and franchise films, such as The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Book. Ahsoka will also be the main protagonist of her own show which will premiere in 2022.

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She’s an agile fighter, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and a master at wielding a lightsaber or two. She was gifted with a Brute Force skill and uses a myriad of abilities, from telekinesis to Force power to the dark side of Force choking. Ahsoka remains a feminist icon as one of the first powerful female Jedi. Although she leaves the Order, she is still a pinnacle of strength and compassion.

Korra – Avatar: Legend of Korra

Korra mastering water and fire in The Legends Of Korra

The Legend of Korra proudly displays many powerful female characters, but the main protagonist, Korra, is by far the strongest character in the series. Korra realized her powers at a young age and immediately showed her fierce tenacity and fiery spirit. His fight scenes are amazing and his powers are a sight to behold.

As she struggled with airbending and the spiritual side of being the Avatar, she quickly overpowered it and instilled awe and fear in her Avatar state. She has experienced trauma and conflict, and her healing journey has resulted in some of the saddest and best episodes of The Legend of Korra, but still, she remains strong and hopeful. The previous Avatar, Aang, left some really big shoes to fill, but Korra worked hard and won the title.

Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup – The Powerpuff Girls

Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup posing together in The Powerpuff Girls

For some children, the first powerful female characters encountered were Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls. Each had super strength, speed, senses, flight, x-ray vision, as well as powers of their own – like Blossom’s icy breath, Bubbles’ sonic scream, and Buttercup’s fireballs.

The three kindergarten characters were powerful to the point of being almost invulnerable. They defended their city against villains and monsters while facing the ordinary challenges of growing up. While the live-action reboot can be tough, fans still love the original animated series and the feminist icons that Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have become.

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