10 Worst Snap Marvel Cards

marvel snap impressed throughout its 2022 beta and early access releases. It’s a card video game that appeals to fans of the format and those who love all things Marvel. Hundreds of fan-favorite characters can be enjoyed and played with, each with their own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. marvel snap encourages a fun level of creativity from its players in assembling the perfect deck of characters ready to win.

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marvel snap has a lot of awesome cards, but for anyone with inventive abilities, there are still cards that aren’t good enough when it really matters. This may be because their high cost is way above their real capabilities, or they have nothing to offer compared to the alternatives. The worst marvel snap maps still have their uses in specific scenarios, but they’re just blown out of the water by the competition.

10/10 The Thing Clobbers Hard, but there are better alternatives

The Thing card in Marvel Snap.

Both The Hulk and The Thing are banging machines in marvel snap, but The Thing is nowhere near as useful or effective as its fellow tank. The Thing may cost 2 Energy less than Hulk at 4, but it only has 6 Power compared to Hulk’s 12.

A 4-cost card that only provides 6 power isn’t good enough for mid-to-late play, even if it’s unaffected by ability-negating cards like Enchantress and Cosmo. There are better options for 4-cost cards or cheaper card combinations that total 4 energy.

9/10 The observer’s insight into places is rarely useful

Uatu/The Observer Map in Marvel Snap.

Uatu, also known as The Watcher, looks like a map hack at first glance, his insight allowing players to see the properties of unrevealed locations. However, it does not matter in marvel snap. If Uatu appears in the player’s hand on the first turn, the user will know the other two locations in advance, but there is no guarantee that it will even appear on this first turn.

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Second, very few slots reward players who are ahead of the curve. Some offer rewards for filling the slot quickly or having no cards at all, but nothing prevents the opponent from meeting these criteria without the Insight. Uatu’s value is not as great as it initially seems.

8/10 Misty Knight is a low cost, low reward card with no abilities

Map of Misty Knight in Marvel Snap.

Misty Knight is one of many cards from marvel snap not to offer any sort of capability. Although it is a 1 cost card with 2 powers, there is no guarantee that it will start in the player’s hand, rendering it useless unless certain conditions are met.

Ka-Zar or other cards with continuous in-game boosts may make Misty Knight usable, but there are simply too many better alternatives for Misty Knight to be worth including in a deck. At her base level and upon release, Misty Knight is best avoided.

7/10 Quicksilver’s advantages stop at its reliability

Map of Quicksilver in Marvel Snap.

Quicksilver doesn’t do much better than Misty Knight, despite an identity that gives her some value. Quicksilver is guaranteed to start in the player’s opening hand, meaning there won’t be an awkward first turn with no action due to the cheap 2-Power card not showing up.

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However, Quicksilver’s value stops at its reliability. As with Misty Knight, it needs Ka-Zar boosts, other ongoing boosters, or handy slots with bonuses to have a real impact on the outcome. This ultimately makes it disappointing and not worth including.

6/10 Shocker & Domino offer decent power for a low cost, but nothing more

Shock card in Marvel Snap.

Shocker and Domino have cool card designs and seem worth making 3 power, but their lack of abilities and 2 energy cost just aren’t enough for a good deck in marvel snap. Cheaper cards often give cards like Carnage a boost that doesn’t feel like previous turns were wasted, but with Shocker and Domino’s release of 3 Power, the +2 added to Carnage doesn’t seem not really worth it.

Shocker and Domino at least give players a chance to get an early lead, with Domino being a guaranteed second round card. But as you approach the mid-game, more skill or strategy is often needed. These two cards are not enough unless you have a lot of support.

5/10 Cyclops just isn’t worth the price

Map of Cyclops in Marvel Snap.

As with Shocker and Domino, Cyclops is another cool look marvel snap card that offers output power, but has no additional capabilities or overall value. In fact, at the cost of 3 energy, Cyclops is way too expensive for what it offers.

Cheaper cards that also don’t have abilities, like Quicksilver and Misty Knight, have the luxury of using Ka-Zar boosts, unlike Cyclops. 3-cost cards often mean the match leaves the opening stages and enters the late game, and Cyclops offers nothing but his output power.

4/10 Mister Sinister’s clone is good for quickly filling a slot, but two 1-cost cards can do the same job

Mister Sinister's card in Marvel Snap.

The concept of card duplication is an exciting prospect in theory, but when Mister Sinister activates his On Reveal ability, it can be rather disappointing without massive support. Mister Sinister introducing a Sinister Clone can be effective in trying to quickly fill a slot for an advantage or boost. Still, its power output just isn’t good enough without support.

marvel snap players have found cards like Squirrel Girl to be generally better, as this card specifically receives the Ka-Zar boost and spreads across all lanes. Mister Sinister will take up two of the four spaces in a slot, which doesn’t leave much room for a high total.

3/10 Heimdall is a final-round card-mover that only really works with some serious planning

Heimdall's map in Marvel Snap.

6 cost cards all have their own strengths and weaknesses in marvel snap. Hulk relies on pure power, while the others bring On Reveal or Ongoing power and creative abilities. Odin and Onslaught in particular show their worth in certain scenarios, but Heimdall on the other hand is too chaotic unless the user has planned the whole game.

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Heimdall brings a valuable power of 8 to the table and his ability, but moving cards left on the last turn means there’s no turning back. This could ruin location tracks or bonuses unless these cards are placed to the right of their intended location in the first place. Simply put, Heimdall is a risk many players will want to avoid.

2/10 Mantis’ Map Just Doesn’t Compare To His Guardians Of The Galaxy Teammates

Mantis map in Marvel Snap.

Of all Pool 1 guardians of the galaxy characters whose abilities rely on the riddle of the opponent’s choice of location, the Mantis map is the most disappointing. Rocket is a 1-Cost which will grant +2 Power, Star-Lord a 2-Cost with an additional 3 Power, and Gamora is a late game equivalent which can grant 12 Power.

Yet Mantis brings a less certain reward to its user. If the player uses Mantis and guesses correctly, they draw a card from their opponent’s deck. As with other random abilities, it can go either way, and many players would simply rather be rewarded with a bonus power than a potentially weak and useless card.

1/10 The Abomination Is A Hulk Budget Without The Overwhelming Power

Abomination map in Marvel Snap.

While the Hulk card is an all-powerful final-round smasher, Abomination happens to be a cheaper but weaker copy, which makes sense given Abomination’s origins. At 5 energy, Abomination can be played before the final round, but these later stages often require more setup to put players in a better position for their final round.

There are better routes to get down than playing Abomination in marvel snap, with cheaper card combinations for the same total Energy providing better spread across the board. Abomination can still be used on the last turn, but at that point the player should just have Hulk in their deck instead.

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