24 government officials assigned to the hospital for the secretary’s sick mother!



Rawnak Mahmud, secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, reportedly assigned 24 officials and employees, including a deputy secretary of the ministry, to assist his mother, who is undergoing treatment at the National Heart Institute for ” a Covid-19 infection.

Their list assignment was divided into four teams for three days in a written instruction. Rawnak’s private secretary, Azizul Islam, coordinates the tasks on the list.

According to the instructions, the general condition of the secretary’s mother should be reported at all times to the secretary’s PS, contact the doctor, arrange for the test and promptly collect the test report and send a copy of the report to PS on WhatsApp.

Hygiene rules must be observed near the patient, the patient attendant must be warned of the presence of agents, specify the directives.

Denying the allegation, the secretary’s private secretary, Azizul Islam, told The Business Standard that the secretary’s mother was 95 years old. They have many relatives and relatives in Dhaka. They all rush to the hospital. Official staff of the secretary’s office, many ministry officials wanted to visit the secretary’s sick mother. The secretary told them that if anyone wanted to go, they had to go one by one. They shouldn’t be crowded together in the hospital.

Regarding the list duty instructions, he said the letter does not have an official number and signature. Anyone can make such a paper. It was not issued by the ministry.

An office assistant, who was on call Monday, said on condition of anonymity that he had performed his duty from 6 a.m.

Another official, who was supposed to be on duty today, said the ministry authority asked them to do hospital service. But after the news last night on various media, the ministry reversed its decision.

None are on duty at the hospital now, he added.

During this time, during a visit to the hospital in the morning, it was found that there were 4-5 people with the patient. However, they did not disclose their identity, whether they belong to the ministry or to relatives.


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