5 Best Free Fire Pet Abilities For Field Combat Support

Certain Free Fire familiars not only play a supporting role, but tend to directly affect the outcome of the match. Even though they don’t do damage to opponents, their abilities allow users to fight better in the game.

Most of these pets have become popular in the community and are considered meta. While not suitable for all playstyles, they certainly provide field combat support to the user.

Ideal pet abilities for field combat support in Free Fire

5) Beaston

Beaston’s Helping Hand ability allows the user to throw grenades 30% further. This applies to normal grenades, wall gloo, flashbangs, and smoke grenades in Free Fire.

While this ability is situational, players who rely on grenades and other tactical items will benefit greatly. Being able to throw walls of gloo further allows for plenty of tactical options when rushing.

4) Ottero

Ottero’s Double Blubber ability provides the user with EPs while using Med Kits. The recovered EP is equal to 65% of the recovered HP. This ability essentially turns med kits into inhalers in Free Fire.

Players using this animal can easily collect EP without needing to eat mushrooms. Additionally, the recovered EP can be used later to passively heal if needed.

3) Robot

Robo’s wall application ability provides an additional layer of defense to Gloo’s walls. A shield worth 100 HP is added to the wall of gloo. This strengthens the wall to a great extent.

Since Gloo’s walls are meta-elements in Free Fire, making them stronger is always helpful. While they still won’t stop Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm ability, opponents using guns won’t be able to break them easily.

2) Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor’s Smooth Gloo ability provides the user with gloo walls. If there are less than two gloo wall grenades in inventory, Mr. Waggor can produce one. This ability works every 100 seconds.

This pet is useful for Free Fire players who rely heavily on gloo walls. Even though they can be found quite easily all over the map, it pays to be able to get free gloo walls.

1) Agent Hop

Agent Hop’s rebound bonus ability provides the user with EPs. Each time the safe zone narrows, players receive 50 EP. This allows the user to gain EP, which can then be used to slowly passively heal.

Having Agent Hop as a pet is ideal for Free Fire characters like A124. Players can use EP to heal quickly and not have to rely on med kits. In addition, always having a full EP bar is beneficial during the match.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author only. Familiar abilities mentioned are at their maximum.

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