5 broken agent duos for a quick ranking at Valorant


Strong performance and efficient use of agent capabilities is required to rank faster in Valorant, but having a partner can increase efficiency many times over.

Riot Games first-person shooter Valorant is one of the most played Esports games in the world. With the perfect balance between tactical agent-based gameplay and skilled gun-based shooter, Valorant has proven to be one of the best competitive games.

To rank in the game, you need to understand an agent’s abilities and work with their teammates.

Duos of Valorant agents for quick and easy filing

Valorant has over 15 Agents with unique abilities who can work in sync with others to deliver solid defense or a sharp attack while throwing opponents into chaos.

Here are the top five effective agent duos to rank easily:

1) Sova and Jett

Sova is perhaps the most effective agent for gathering information. Its capacities are adapted to clear angles and spots of anyone on the site. Paired with Jett, a deadly duelist known for her swift movements, the duo have the potential to gain the upper hand over their opponents at Valorant.

Sova can easily spot a location to discover angles opponents are taking, followed by Jett, who can then rush in and kill before opponents have a chance to change locations or even react.

2) Skye and Reyna

In many ways, the combination of Skye and Reyna is similar to the Initiator Duelist combination mentioned earlier. However, instead of collecting information, Skye can function as a distraction. His Trailblazer and Guiding Light can easily knock out a single or a group of opponents while Reyna moves to kill him.

3) Omen and Jett

Omen and Jett could be among the most effective duos to take over the site. With Jett’s Dash and Omen’s Shrouded Step, Agents can use their movement and smoke to wreak havoc among the defenders. Additionally, Omen can use his paranoia in a lane, after which Jett can rush in and take care of knocked out opponents.

4) Figure and Sage

While Cypher and Sage may not be as effective in an offensive role as the aforementioned duos, they can hold the site in place extremely well. On its own, a Cypher core server can easily hold a site. But pairing it with Sage, whose Slow Orb and Barrier Orb are quite effective, can completely block a site.

Additionally, Cypher can easily detect any flanking attempt from the attacking side, while Sage can easily cover other entrances to prevent backstabbing.

5) Killjoy and Skye

Killjoy and Skye may seem like an unconventional duo, but if used correctly the duo can be extremely effective in matches. Killjoy’s Alarm Robot and Turret are typically used to collect information, much like Skye’s Trailblazer and Guiding Light. The fact that Killjoy and Skye work in synergy can provide information and put the opponent at a disadvantage.

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