5 DC Villains Harry Potter Can Beat (& 5 He Can’t)


Set in the wizarding world, the Harry potter the series sees its titular hero take on many fantastic and powerful enemies, eventually emerging victorious over them all. But the villains of the DC Universe could pose an even greater threat to the Boy Who Lived than Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters could.

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Because so many DC superheroes possess divine powers, the villains have to be just as strong. Many of them have genius-level intellect or incredible physical strength, or in some cases both. If Harry Potter were to take on the villains of DC, he would need all of his wizarding abilities and some of his magical items to stand a chance against them.

ten Can beat: cheetah

Wonder Woman 1984 Cheetah

Possessing superhuman reflexes and physical abilities, DC Cheetah comic fans know that she is often capable of causing Wonder Woman problems in melee. Her razor sharp claws and fangs can deal serious damage if she is able to strike cleanly.

While Cheetah’s feline form may give her an edge over normal people, a human-animal hybrid is much more common in the wizarding world. Harry Potter has faced and defeated werewolves in the past. If he was able to handle whatever Cheetah throws at him.

9 Can’t Beat: Black Adam

An image of Black Adam in DC Comics

The main character in the next Black adam film, Black Adam receives the abilities of the ancient Egyptian gods. These abilities include flight, super strength, speed, thrown lightning, and resistance to magical spells (among many other things).

Black Adam is an incredibly powerful villain whose physical gifts are on par with DC’s greatest superheroes, such as Superman and Shazam. But he’s not just a stupid brute, as his wisdom and motivation take him to another level. Harry has faced powerful magic users, but none possess the combination of physical strength, magical power, and mental resolve of Black Adam. Black Adam could quickly overwhelm and defeat Harry.

8 Can beat: Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang The Suicide Squad

For many fans, Captain Boomerang has long been one of DC’s most ridiculous villains, but he’s seen another boom in popularity thanks to his status as one of the series’ funniest characters. Suicide Squad movies. As the name suggests, Captain Boomerang’s abilities revolve primarily around throwing trick boomerangs.

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Because Captain Boomerang’s effectiveness as a fighter depends on his ability to use his projectiles to do damage, all Harry Potter would have to do is dodge or deflect the boomerangs. By using spells to disarm boomerangs or his broom to evade them, Harry should be able to negate the effectiveness of the boomerang and defeat Captain Boomerang.

7 Can’t Beat: Talia Al Ghul

Although she generally does not have superhuman abilities, Talia al Ghul is in perfect physical condition and has developed her mind to become a master tactician. She is a brilliant strategist, a deadly manipulator, and a skillful melee fighter.

Considering that Peter Pettigrew and Barty Crouch Jr. were able to make their way into Harry Potter’s inner circle by assuming other identities, it seems entirely possible that Talia al Ghul could use her masterful manipulation skills to lure Harry into a trap. Additionally, her access to the Lazarus Pit makes her nearly impossible to defeat permanently.

6 Can beat: Penguin

The Penguin is an excellent street-level Batman villain who frequently causes trouble for the Caped Crusader. Although he has no superhuman abilities, Penguin is an evil mastermind who has managed to build an impressive criminal empire.

While Penguin is undoubtedly brilliant, much of his strength comes from his access to resources and henchmen. On his own, Penguin doesn’t pose a great threat to Harry Potter. Harry would be able to use his magical abilities to quickly dispatch the Penguin.

5 Can’t Beat: Doomsday

Doomsday Batman V Superman

Doomsday is one of DC’s deadliest villains, proving to be an almost unstoppable killing machine. Through constant rebirth, he has evolved to become resistant or immune to anything that has killed him before, making him nearly impossible to defeat. It is a large, vicious creature that only grows stronger with each death and rebirth.

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Considering Doomsday was strong enough to kill Superman in battle, Harry Potter would have a hard time bringing him down. Doomsday’s weaknesses are simply too few and his strengths too many for the wizard boy to have a chance against him.

4 Can beat: Dr Psycho

Wonder Woman’s villain, Doctor Psycho, is a powerful telepath with psychic and sometimes even magical abilities. However, Doctor Psycho lacks the energy to fully utilize his abilities and has to drain the mental energy of others.

Doctor Psycho is one of the few villains in DC that Harry Potter would have a physical advantage over, so their fight would boil down to magical and telekinetic abilities. Given his knowledge and experience, and Doctor Psycho’s limitations, there’s a good chance Harry can beat him in a mental and psychic duel.

3 Can’t Beat: Joker

Heath Ledger played the role of Joke in The Dark Knight

Perhaps the most famous comic book villain of all time, the Joker is Batman’s best villain because he’s a villain and an agent of chaos. Although he does not have superhuman powers, he is an evil genius who uses fear and manipulation to gain influence over those around him. By dint of will and mental games, the Joker was able to push even Batman to his absolute limits.

Like Batman, the Joker always finds a way to outsmart his opponents and come out victorious. Despite being at a disadvantage in terms of potency, it’s hard to imagine the Joker not finding a way to outsmart and defeat Harry Potter.

2 Can Beat: Scarecrow

Cillian Murphy as a scarecrow in Batman Begins

Scarecrow is an expert in psychology who used his understanding of human physiology to develop a fear toxin that causes his victim to have nightmarish visions. He’s a terrifying villain who destroys his enemies from within rather than trying to physically overpower them.

While Harry Potter has a lot of fear and pain to harness for Scarecrow, Harry has already faced a Boggart and learned to overcome his fears. Between this experience and Harry’s access to magical abilities, it could help him avoid being tainted with fear toxins, which, in turn, helps Harry defeat Scarecrow.

1 Can’t Beat: Darkseid

Darkseid as seen in Zack Snyder's Justice League

Darkseid is one of the biggest threats in the DC Universe. He is a despot who rules Apokolips with an iron fist, determined to enslave and rule the entire universe. His power set is almost complete, as he possesses genius-level intelligence, superhuman strength, invulnerability, and the ability to shoot Omega rays from his eyes.

Darkseid is one of the most powerful DC characters of all time. Very few, if any, characters could compete with Darkseid in a one-on-one fight. Even with all of Harry’s magical abilities and resources, Darkseid is just too powerful and too smart for Harry to have a chance against him.

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