5 similarities between Sprite and Loki (& 5 differences)

Since the advent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, countless villains have stood up to its heroes, some more memorable than others. One of the best is without a doubt Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the Asgardian God of Mischief who has become a fan favorite among longtime MCU viewers. He starts off as a villain in Thor and Avengers, but becomes an incredibly likeable antihero.

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Loki’s personality has become more and more nuanced with each release and has grown in complexity with the Disney + series. Loki centered on the 2012 version of the character. While Loki is unique in many ways, he has several things in common with other characters in the MCU. The most recent example is Eternals‘Sprite (Lia McHugh). The Eternal Child reminds Loki in more ways than one, from his abilities to his character arc.

ten SIMILAR: They’re both long-lived aliens associated with gods

Loki was born a Jotun, a Frost Giant from the planet Jotunheim. While not much is known about Jotnar’s biology, they appear to be similar to the Asgardians in terms of lifespan. According to a conversation between Loki and Odin, Asgardians can live up to five thousand years or more. Much like Loki, Sprite is an alien being. She lived for seven thousand years, having first arrived on Earth around 5000 BC.

9 DIFFERENT: Sprite is an immortal synthetic being as Loki ages

Loki may have lived a long time and been deified by myths, but he’s actually deadly. He is aging, as evidenced by the appearance of his eldest – Classic Loki – in the Disney + series. The same can’t be said for Sprite. It is because she is not a natural being. It is a synthetic creature, designed by Arishem in the World Forge for the specific purpose of hunting down deviants.

8 SIMILAR: They can create powerful illusions and favor knives in combat

Sprite throwing illusions in Eternals

The most obvious similarity between the two characters is the area of ​​their abilities. Both characters can create very advanced illusions, become invisible, and shape shift. One of Loki’s trademark skills is creating duplicates of himself, which he puts to good use to distract his opponents. Sprite does something similar in Eternals, creating an illusion of Ajak to take Sersi by surprise.

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She also uses her powers for more benign purposes, and it is because of her abilities that other Eternals like Gilgamesh, Thena, and Ikaris are deified in human legends. Both Loki and Sprite prefer knives in combat, as Loki has repeatedly emphasized his preference for his daggers. Sprite stabs Sersi from behind during their confrontation, a scene that may remind viewers of both Loki’s attack on Phil Coulson and his many conflicts with his brother.

7 DIFFERENT: Loki is a better wizard and fighter than the pixie

Loki flips his knives

While some of their abilities are similar, Sprite’s main weakness is that his cosmic powers don’t actually provide him with many offensive skills. The same can’t be said for Loki. He has proven to be a very versatile wizard, using telekinesis and a form of hypnosis in the Disney + series. His combat skills far outclass Sprite’s, which is perhaps understandable given Sprite’s weakening physical form.

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Loki revealing his Jotun legacy in Thor

Sprite’s childish body places her in the horrific position of having her mind and physical form constantly at odds with each other. She has the desires and dreams of a grown woman, but can never hope to achieve them due to being stuck in her perpetually young form.

Meanwhile, Loki is raised as an Asgardian and learns that the Jotnar are some kind of monster. When he uncovers the truth about himself, he plunges into an abyss of self-hatred and internalized racism, which is a big part of his initial motivation as a villain.

5 DIFFERENT: Sprite never lacks acceptance or emotional support

Despite his difficult emotional struggles, Sprite fares better than Loki in terms of emotional support. While he is looked down upon and despised for her use of magic, she is appreciated as a strong part of the team. Her Eternal companions appreciate and respect her. She even has a close friendship with Sersi. Meanwhile, Loki’s staunchest supporter is his mother Frigga, but her loyalty to Odin shatters their relationship. He and Thor eventually mended their bond, but not without a lot of pain on both sides.

4 SIMILAR: Their experience with romance isn’t the best

Deleted scene from an intimate moment between Ikaris and Sersi from Eternals

Sprite’s inability to grow up clashes most with his romantic feelings for Ikaris (Richard Madden). Ikaris appreciates her, but he can never see her as more than a friend. Even if he had not been married to Sersi, a relationship between him and Sprite would not have been possible.

Loki also tests the limits of romance. His sexuality has always been eccentric, and the MCU doesn’t quite capture that as well as it should. However, this matches Loki with a female version of himself, Sylvie. The relationship ends badly and the Disney + series even hints that Loki is doomed to always be alone.

3 DIFFERENT: Sylvie apparently makes Loki feel different from Ikaris with Sprite

Loki and Sylvie on Lamentis-1 causing a Wild Nexus event

While Sprite’s feelings for Ikaris are not shared, Sylvie actually loves Loki. Their unexpected closeness even creates a connection event while they are together on Lamentis, something that ends up saving their lives. It is Sylvie’s thirst for revenge that drives them to separate. Sylvie chooses to kill Whoever Remains, despite Loki’s attempts to persuade her not to do so.

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She pushes him through a Timedoor, into the Time Variance Authority headquarters. The day after the death of The One Who Remains, the multiverse breaks up and Sylvie finds herself alone in The Citadel of the End of Time.

2 SIMILAR: They both become enemies of their loved ones


Due to his feelings for Ikaris, Sprite chooses to take his side during the conflict between the Eternals. She supports him in his quest to obey Arishem’s will and ensure the success of the emergence of Heavenly Tiamut. This is what puts her at odds with her fellow Eternals and leads her to confront Sersi. Loki also becomes the enemy of those close to him. After discovering the truth about his adoption, he becomes King of Asgard.

When the Warriors Three seek to reach Thor in exile, Loki attacks his brother with the help of the Destroyer. The incident doesn’t end well, as Loki ultimately attempts to kill himself by dropping into the void. The enmity between the two brothers remains pronounced in Avengers and only begins to disappear in Thor: The Dark World, after Frigga’s death.

1 DIFFERENT: Sprite is never really punished for his actions


Despite Sprite attacking her friends, she is never punished for her actions. Sersi forgives him and even uses his remaining power to turn Sprite into a human and help him achieve his dreams. Loki, meanwhile, is arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in the dungeons of Asgard.

It may make sense. Sprite may have been motivated by her feelings for Ikaris, but she is trying to complete the task given to her by Arishem. It is the other Eternals who are the rebels and go against the orders of the Celestial, thus gaining his anger and judgment.

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