5 similarities between Venom and Morbius (& 5 differences)

While it hasn’t received the best response from critics, Venom and its sequel, Let there be carnage, were both box office hits. The Venom the films center on intrepid journalist Eddie Brock and his unlikely companion, the Venom symbiote. Venom and Venom 2 may not include particularly special superhero action, but won over audiences due to the unique dynamics of the two main characters.

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After Let there be carnage, Sony is expanding its reach, hinting at a connection to the MCU and paving the way for other characters. Michael Morbius is expected to join Sony’s Spider-Man universe in January 2022. Venom and the Living Vampire have a lot in common, although there are also many differences between them.

ten SIMILAR: They’re Both Traditionally Spider-Man’s Villains

Venom is best known as one of Spider-Man’s most prominent villains. Sony’s adaptation of Venom removes that element due to Spider-Man’s absence – but in the comics, his argument with Spider-Man guides much of his story, especially early on.

Michael Morbius is similar. His enmity with Peter Parker is not that personal, but he runs into Peter on several occasions. In the comics, their original fight comes when Peter tries to fight his ongoing mutation, but that’s not an isolated case. The Sony version of Morbius will also lack this element.

9 DIFFERENT: Michael’s abilities only relate to Spider-Man in the animated series

Jared Leto in Sony Pictures' Morbius

The comedic version of Venom is so closely tied to Spider-Man that the symbiote’s original host is Peter. Peter abandons the symbiote after realizing that it strengthens his darker urges. But Peter’s abilities remain bound within the symbiote and are inherited by Eddie Brock once he becomes Venom.

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Morbius’ creation from the comics has little to do with Spider-Man. A scientist suffering from a rare blood disease, Michael attempts to cure his illness in an experiment involving bats. As a result, he becomes a pseudo-vampire. This background is modified in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, where Michael becomes a vampire after experiencing Peter’s blood. In the comics, Spider-Man’s blood appears to be the cure for Michael’s vampiric state.

8 SIMILAR: These Are Two Humans Who Gain Supernatural Abilities

Eddie Brock and Michael Morbius are originally normal humans. After the life-changing incidents that turned them into Venom and Living Vampire, respectively, they acquire supernatural abilities. They both possess superhuman strength, speed and stamina, enhanced senses, fangs, and a regenerating healing factor. Michael can create other vampires as well, while Venom’s unique biology can lead to the appearance of other symbiotes.

7 DIFFERENT: Michael becomes a vampiric in nature while Eddie’s powers are aliens

One of their biggest differences is Michael and Eddie’s abilities. Michael is an artificial vampire, while Eddie’s symbiote is alien in nature. Michael can hover, use echolocation, and is able to hypnotize others.

Meanwhile, the symbiote creates a black suit for Eddie, protecting him from damage and granting him tentacle-like weapons. The portrayal of Michael in the Sony Spider-Man universe may not have all of his powers in the comics, but it’s safe to say that he will be quite different from Venom.

6 SIMILAR: Both display signs of insatiable hunger

If the existence of Michael Morbius could be defined by one word, it is hunger. The living vampire struggles with his constant desire for blood and has a tendency to accidentally kill people while feeding.

Venom has a similar problem. He has a particular hunger for the human brain, which drives him to go wild in the comics. Venom and Let there be carnage are a little quieter. The venom is actually addicted to phenethylamine, a unique stimulant that symbionts cannot produce and which can be found in the human brain. Eddie is able to curb this problem by feeding the chocolate symbiote.

5 DIFFERENT: Michael doesn’t have such a dynamic between Eddie and Venom

Eddie talks to Venom

Despite the fact that their fights are similar, Michael’s fight is with his own biology, not with another being. His hunger is not a sensitive thing, and does not come strictly from an outside force. Venom is very different, as the dynamics of Eddie and the symbioses are most interesting.

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It’s the alien creature that experiences these urges, though Eddie’s anger and temper are tied to Venom’s sense of self. The level of their symbiosis varies depending on how Venom is portrayed. At Tom Hardy’s Venom, they are perfectly synchronized. Although they have their own individualities, something that is not present in Michael.

4 SIMILAR: They both engage in a form of vigilance

Despite being the origin of the terrifying villains, both Venom and Michael show depth as neither is pure evil. They both engage in self-defense, and Venom even goes by the name of Lethal Protector. Following Let there be carnage, Eddie embraced this lifestyle, which his fellow symbiote had been promoting for some time. While Michael’s exact path in Morbius remains unclear, all signs indicate that it will become something similar.

3 DIFFERENT: They have specific weaknesses related to their unique nature

Venom: poster that there is carnage

Although they are incredibly strong, Venom and Michael both have weaknesses. Basically, they are quite different in nature, it goes without saying that their weak points will also be different. In Venom’s case, his most well-known weakness is loud noises, though he’s also vulnerable to heat. Michael is vulnerable to sunlight, although his greatest vulnerability by far is his hunger.

2 SIMILAR: They’re both part of Sony’s Spider-Man universe and have appeared on animated shows

Venom and Michael Morbius are both part of Sony’s Spider-Man universe, with Venom, let there be carnage and Morbius – an upcoming exit. But the characters have already shared the screen.

Venom and Morbius have appeared in animated shows, a notable example being Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Both are also present in Ultimate Spider-Man, although their nature is quite different from their experience in the comics.

1 DIFFERENT: Venom has had live adaptations before

Topher Grace vs. Tom Hardy Venom

Venom may have grown in popularity with the Tom Hardy films, but Hardy’s portrayal isn’t the only one to exist in live-action. The venom also appears in Spider-man 3, although the film does him a disservice. Morbius, on the other hand, has been mostly absent from the live action.

An attempt was made in the live-action Blade, but it was just a deleted cameo. For Blade II, director Guillermo del Toro was denied the use of the character. Jared Leto’s upcoming portrait will be Morbius’ first notable projection on a movie screen.

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