5 Ways It Adapts The Comics & 5 Ways It Adapts The MCU

by marvel guardians of the galaxy The video game recently won Best Storytelling at the Video Game Awards, and since its release the game has quickly won fans over with its fun gameplay and a vast, unpredictable storyline filled with plenty of Easter eggs and references to the game. Marvel universe.

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On the surface, the game adapts many elements of James Gunn’s popular MCU films, but with help from Dan Abnett, the man who first redefined the guardians of the galaxy, the game mixes elements of the comic strip and movies to create an original experience for fans of the characters.


Comic books


Mantis - Comic Strip

While the MCU has portrayed Mantis as a naive character with empathic abilities, his comic book counterpart is much more powerful. His ability to see into the future made him an indispensable member of the team. She was also able to read and connect spirits.

The video game adapts the unfiltered naivety of the MCU Mantis a bit but merges this character with the one from the comics. This Mantis can see into multiple futures and timelines and often confuses things, areas that often lead to some of the best quotes in guardians of the galaxy. Knowing that Gamora’s life would be better if she was with the Guardians, Mantis encourages her to join the Motley Team and, later in the game, helps Drax break free from The Promise’s control.


Cosmo the Russian Space Dog

Cosmo has a cameo appearance in the first guardians of the galaxy film like a dog in a spacesuit in the collector’s museum. This good boy is the telepathic responsible for the security of the Sky Heavenly Head / Knowhere space station. Created by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, Cosmo was launched from Soviet Russia in the 1960s and drifted through space to arrive at Knowhere mutated by cosmic rays that developed into a powerful telepathic ability.

The game has a very faithful adaptation of Cosmo, even continuing the comic book lore of Cosmo and Rocket not getting along. His role as Knowhere’s chief of security leads him to come into conflict with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Later in the game, after being possessed by the Church of Truth, the Guardians must save Cosmo by reminding him of the life he has on Knowhere, which includes his puppies.

Peter Quill / Star-Lord

On the surface, the video game’s Peter Quill has more than a few things in common with the Chris Pratt version of the character, but the game’s content reveals that his story is much more similar to his comic book counterpart. While Star-Lord has a few origins in the comics, some important elements have remained constant.

As in the comics, Peter is half Spartax, implying that his father is J’Son and not Ego, the living planet. His weapons, while somewhat resembling the MCU’s design, are much more powerful as he is able to harness various elemental powers. Some elements of the MCU are combined with its past, such as a reference to serving with Yondu and the Ravagers, but with the many costumes available for Star-Lord, players can easily feel like they’re playing the comedic version of the character.

Fin Fang Foom

Fing Fang Foom speaking in Marvel Comics

Fin Fang Foom has been a mainstay of Marvel comics for many decades. Often appearing as a giant dragon with purple shorts, Foom is a powerful threat at the Avengers level.

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Since Foom has yet to appear in the MCU, the only place the game could shoot for this release was in the comics. Unlike its comic book counterpart, it’s a more traditional dragon with green skin and a purple belly. However, he is incredibly powerful and capable of traveling through space unaided.

Niki Gold

Nikki Gold holding a gun in the comics

Originally debuting in Marvel Presents # 4, in 1976, Niki was the sixth member of the futuristic Guardians of the Galaxy. She originated on the planet Mercury in the 31st century and has the power to expel flames as an offensive tactic. She was first described as an offshoot of humanity, genetically modified to survive on the harsh planet.

The girl players meet in the video game shares some similarities with her comic book counterpart. Although her home planet is never specified, it is said that Ko-Rel found her as a young girl on Mercury during the Great War that took place 12 years earlier. Star-Lord is tricked into believing that she is his biological daughter, but it turns out she is not. She possesses similar abilities to her comic book counterpart.


The Nova company

Glenn Close as Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy

Traditionally, the Nova Corp is similar in concept to DC’s Green Lantern Corps. They are a group of space cops who patrol the galaxy and are powered by an energy known as the Nova Force. James Gunn adapted the body to fit a more traditional cop role. They still patrol and protect the galaxy, but they need ships to fly and don’t seem to have any special abilities like their comic book counterparts.

The game takes a more MCU approach to the body. While the comic book version of Worldmind is in the game, the body members themselves do not have special abilities. Their “powers” come from special technology that is incorporated into their suits to give players more variety of enemies to fight.

The collector

Collector owns Reality Stone in Thor: The Dark World

Marvel often changes characters for their cinematic appearances in order to make them more digestible for the general public. For example, in the comics, the collector is an ancient of the universe with immense power that is billions of years old. In contrast, Benicio Del Toro’s version of the character doesn’t make it look like he could take Thanos into a fight, but rather is interested in collecting artifacts for his museum.

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Collector does not physically appear in Marvel’s guardians of the galaxy video game but you can visit its museum on Knowhere. This way, the character appears much closer to his MCU counterpart than his comic. While the comedic version of the character has various collections on spaceships across the galaxy, his MCU counterpart has a museum on the Knowhere floating celestial head.


Gamora relaxes in Guardians of the Galaxy

Even though Gamora’s MCU origin is similar to her comedic origin, her abilities diminished when she jumped out of mediums. Still the daughter of Thanos and always improved by him, in the comics she possesses a healing factor that allows her to survive in harsh environments and most attacks. His strength, speed, and abilities were meant to rival the villainous Adam Warlock, The Magus.

The video game’s Gamora has none of these comedic powers and therefore comes close to its MCU counterpart. While still being raised by Thanos, her enhanced strength and agility wouldn’t rival Drax, let alone Adam Warlock. Even though she isn’t as powerful as her comic book character, Gamora is still one of the powerful characters in the game.

The music

Meaning behind every song on Awesome Mix Vol 2 Guardians of the Galaxy

When James Gunn adapted Guardians of the Galaxy for the big screen, he included the element that Peter Quill’s main emotional attachment was to the music his mother gave him before his death. So music ended up being an important part of both guardians of the galaxy movie theater.

The game takes a similar approach to music. Instead of music being something his mother gave him, the music serves as a connection to the Earth he clung to. Milano’s radio and Peter’s tape recorder are packed with hits from the ’80s. Music even plays a part in the game to excite the other Guardians after a reunion. The game takes it a step further by creating a new group called Star-Lord, from which Peter gets his superhero name.

Drax the Destroyer

Drax-Destroyer_Dave Bautista

The MCU changed Drax the Destroyer from a human named Arthur Douglass who died and became a powerful creature that had enhanced strength, flight, and laser beams he could shoot from his hands to an alien who lost his family to Thanos and took it all literally.

This is the character that we meet in the video game. After losing his family to Thanos, Drax goes on a rampage across the universe to kill him. He succeeds in this mission and joins the Guardians of the Galaxy. Later in the game, Drax’s desire to give in to the promise causes the Guardians to run through his mind trying to save him.

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