8 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The recently released Marvel movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness propel fans into a savage world full of powerful wizards, heroes and villains. The instant classic continues Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in epic fashion, charting well-written story arcs for fan favorites Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch, and introducing terrific newcomers like America Chavez.

The most powerful of them are able to show off their mind-blowing abilities – both magical and combative – in the two-hour film, especially during its often gruesome action sequences. While some of the strongest characters like members of the Illuminati or America itself have shown the awesome breadth of their abilities in Marvel Comics, they will only be judged by their actions in Doctor Strange 2meaning none of them can compare to the Scarlet Witch’s awesome powers so far.


8 Christine Palmier

Earth-838 Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange 2.

One of the first shocking scenes of Doctor Strange 2 occurs when fans meet Christine from Earth-838, who soon proves herself to be an incredibly brave alternate reality character. She has no powers, but has done important work for the Baxter Foundation, as she is tasked with studying the multiverse and containing potential threats, which unfortunately include America and Earth-616’s Doctor Strange.

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She may not have magical abilities, but she’s not shy about protecting America despite the terrifying Scarlet Witch heading her way. It’s not too hard to imagine a version of Christine with superpowers somewhere in the multiverse, because combined with her fearlessness, she would surely be an unstoppable force.

7 wong

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Benedict Wong

Wong has said some of the funniest lines in the MCU, but he’s also shown he can be a serious fighter when the fate of the world depends on it. His abilities are on full display when attacking Kamar-Taj and when he attempts to prevent the Scarlet Witch from Dreamwalking.

That said, his powers are mostly used defensively, and even his position as Sorcerer Supreme will likely be challenged by Doctor Strange. He may be able to train and guide his students to fight the Scarlet Witch, but alone it’s clear he’d lose in a one-on-one match against her, Doctor Strange and his variants, and maybe even the Scarlet Witch. ‘America.

6 America Chávez

America Chavez trapped in Doctor Strange 2.

America takes the shocking moments in Doctor Strange 2 in the aftermath, which is an admirable feat considering she didn’t have anyone to properly guide her through the savage multiverse after being torn from her parents’ home. For most of the film, it’s easy to see that she’s not well versed in her abilities, which are powerful enough that the Scarlet Witch risks destroying entire universes to acquire them.

In the end, however, and with a little encouragement from Doctor Strange, America’s belief in her powers gives audiences a taste of what she’s truly capable of. Her Multiverse Punch gives meaning to the Scarlet Witch, who finally stops wreaking havoc after seeing the monster she has become. At this point in its history, America probably doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Doctor Strange or his variants, but it’s unclear how much stronger it will become in the future.

5 odd defender


Although viewers only see Defender Strange during the opening sequence, it’s easy to deduce that he went through a lot in his own universe to get to the Book of Vishanti. Wong mentions at one point that he “is supposed to be unreachable”, so America and Defender Strange had to fight to make it happen.

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Of course, unlike Earth-616’s Doctor Strange, the Defender Strange is unable to take down the creature sent by the Scarlet Witch despite using all of his abilities. He’s the weakest variant of Doctor Strange in the movie, but it’s worth noting that it’s his corpse that defeats the Scarlet Witch in the end.

4 Odd Sinister

Doctor Strange 2 Sinister Strange Third Eye

While it was hard to top the brutal action sequence with the Illuminati, Sinister Strange’s introduction allowed fans to leave theaters with another memorable fight scene in mind. It’s a treat to see Sinister Strange show off his magical abilities through classical music, as he has a showdown with Doctor Strange using pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach.

It’s not an easy battle, as Sinister Strange has the advantage of the power of the Darkhold, which led to the destruction of his universe in the first place. He also confesses that he did “Stephen a favor” by invading their universes and murdering them, motivated by his belief that there is no universe where a version of Stephen Strange could be happy.

3 The Illuminati

Doctor Strange Multiverse Madness Illuminati Council

Most cameos in Multiverse of Madness occur during Doctor Strange’s time with the Illuminati. The powerful group consists of Mordo Supreme, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Captain Carter, Reed Richards, and Professor Charles Xavier. Too bad audiences get to spend so little time with them, because when Doctor Strange and America arrive in their universe, the Scarlet Witch isn’t too far behind.

What fans do know is that, much like the Avengers, the Illuminati manage to defeat the Titan Thanos, while getting rid of their Stephen Strange. What they’ve accomplished proves they’re a mighty force, but it’s worth noting that they feel the need to protect themselves and their universe from any version of Doctor Strange. They also put up a good fight against the Scarlet Witch, but end up falling one by one in brutal and jarring fashion.

2 strange doctor

Doctor Strange casting a spell in Multiverse of Madness

If there’s one thing fans learn from America and Christine about Earth-616’s Doctor Strange, it’s that he’s not like the other Stephens. He realizes that his powers mean nothing if he doesn’t make the right decisions, and he makes the most crucial one near the end which ends the Scarlet Witch’s rampage.

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All along Doctor Strange 2, he shows viewers how he can masterfully use his powers for Dreamwalk by using a corpse to confront the Scarlet Witch, while controlling the souls of the damned. He’s also strong enough to beat Mordo in close combat, in which he brilliantly draws down the villain in no time. He may never be able to match the Scarlet Witch based on power alone, but it’s his quick thinking and genuinely good intentions that help him come out on top in the end.

1 scarlet witch

Scarlet Witch meditating in Doctor Strange 2

Without a doubt, the most powerful character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the Scarlet Witch herself. Fans see exactly what she means when she says her early attempts to reach America were examples of her being reasonable early on. She can control and even kill people by entering their minds, Dreamwalk through the multiverse, use reflections to her advantage, and more.

She wields her magic in a way that no other MCU superhero has been able to, and at times it seems like she doesn’t even have to use her full power to beat. formidable adversaries like Captain Carter of Earth-838 and Captain Marvel. It makes sense that ultimately the only person who could really end his murderous quest is herself, because although America helps her realize how horrific her actions are, she probably would have could have torn the multiverse apart if she hadn’t. then decided to stop and destroy the Darkhold.

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