9 Genshin Impact Characters Who Don’t Deserve Hate

There are a ton of characters that make up Genshin Impact colored list. Many sought-after and highly coveted five-star characters are only available every three weeks, and it’s never certain who will be re-released with each new patch. Some characters have already seen two replays, such as Tartaglia and Venti with the upcoming 2.6 update, while players have only seen others once.

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And while there are a ton of highly sought after characters that pack by Genshin roster, there are also many characters that fans don’t tend to watch. Most of these characters don’t deserve the negative opinion fans have of them; some get the short end of the stick and deserve so much more.

Updated by Lauren Turner on September 10, 2022: Genshin Impact is a mega-popular gacha game. Since the franchise has so many divisive characters, fans new and old want to know more about their favorites and those who don’t deserve the hate. We’ve revamped this list with even more information.

9 aloy

Cryo, Bow

In early 2022, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn is the only free five star unit and Genshin Impact single cross unit, which players receive on all platforms. Many gamers were initially excited, though fans felt she broke the game’s overall lore.

After Aloy’s release, even initially excited players ignored her in favor of almost all other Cryo units. The biggest thing that hurts Aloy is that she doesn’t have constellations, but she can still be powerful and she’s adorable in Genshin Impact style.

8 amber

Pyro, Bow

Amber is one of many four-star characters that every player gets for free while leveling up at the start of by Genshin story. She’s a Pyro bow user who has one of the most upbeat personalities of the entire cast, and she’s incredibly cute to boot.

Despite this, players still let her through when getting another Pyro unit or other Arc users. She’s mostly only used to light Pyro Torches, but with a slight tweak to her kit to place her more as a primary DPS or support, more players would likely give Amber the chance she deserves.

seven Paimon


Paimon is the Traveler’s faithful companion, rescued after the MC pulled her out of the water. Paimon herself states that she “probably would have drownedwithout interference, and she repays that debt by giving travelers helpful tips on their way through Teyvat.

Despite this, players don’t like or even despise Paimon – mostly due to his English voice acting. It’s not that his VA does a bad job, but translating high-pitched, childish voices from Japanese to English can often make them sound boring or grating. This leads players to judge his entire character unfairly.

6 The traveler

Unaligned, Sword

It’s not that the traveler is hated, but rather how the design of current playable elements leaves a lot to be desired. In March 2022, Genshin Impact only released Anemo, Geo, and Electro to coincide with Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

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Despite being the substitute player and having a fantastic design in both their male and female versions, players never use the traveler as part of their party. It’s a bit unfair, because it makes sense that a character that every player can access for free in Constellation Six isn’t as strong as five or even four-star characters in gacha.

5 Xinyan

Pyro, Claymore

Xinyan is an incredibly cute and cool rocker who loves putting on shows to light up people’s faces with enthusiasm. Despite this, players quickly ignore her, and she’s hardly ever seen in co-op play or Spiral Abyss – two of the best measures of character popularity.

In player defense, Xinyan’s Shield has been bugged since release and doesn’t always apply its level three perks correctly. However, she can still be a strong support, especially in her fourth constellation, as she becomes a viable support for physical damage dealers.

4 Qiqi

cryo, sword

Qiqi has one of the most unique stories of all Genshin Impact character. She is a resurrected zombie who works at the Bubu Pharmacy under Baizhu’s care, and she has great difficulty remembering others or her assigned tasks.

Qiqi’s design is adorable, her voice acting in all languages ​​is stellar, and she’s a Cryo sword user. Despite this, almost all Genshin Impact players choose to let her pass in favor of other characters who can heal and provide additional help, such as Jean or Bennett.

3 Barbaric

Hydro, Catalyst

Many healers in Genshin Impact getting an unfair reputation in the community, and idol-in-training Barbara is no different. She’s a powerful source of burst healing, especially for a four-star, and one of her later constellations also allows her to revive teammates.

Despite this, Barbara has an incredibly negative reputation as her elemental skill applies her allies with the constant wet effect. This makes it easier for players to accidentally freeze, but she’s still a powerful healer who deserves more recognition.

2 Fish

Electro, Bow

Fischl is one of the four most powerful stars of Genshin Impact, as her elemental skill and burst make her a prime candidate for off-field electrical support damage. She has an eye-catching design, and many players are so dedicated to her that they even build her as their primary physical damage DPS so she can spend more time in the field.

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Despite this, part of the fan base absolutely cannot stand Fischl because of the way she speaks. His exaggerated, incredibly cryptic, and endless speech annoys many fans to the point that they unfairly judge his entire character for it.

1 Kokomi

Hydro, Catalyst

Sangonomiya Kokomi is a superb five-star Hydro catalyst user and is one of the few pure healers of Genshin Impact. Kokomi’s kit allows her to keep her teammates on top as much as possible, even when she’s off the pitch.

The small group of people who use Kokomi swear by her, but most fans don’t love her just because of her role or weapon type, as Catalysts are the weakest in Genshin Impact so far. now. Its banner had the worst revenue of any first-run banner, with the only two rankings lower than it being Klee’s and Tartaglia’s reruns.

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