A small Harbor buff has just arrived in Valorant patch 5.10

New Agent Harbor is getting some love in Valorant patch 5.10.

The latest patch adds a small Harbor buff, which should help the Indian controller feel slightly more powerful.

Harbor’s High Tide Wall was designed to rival Viper’s Toxic Screen, blocking vision across large swaths of the map with a single ability. However, players have noted his lack of blocking ability – with no mollies or blinds, he has little to stop opponents from pushing.

Patch 5.10 gives him an extra for Cascade, so he has a bit more utility to work with.

Valorant patch 5.10 introduces a slight Harbor buff

Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

The changes are intended to encourage players to use their abilities more proactively.

“Harbor’s abilities all have a healthy impact on the game, but we’ve seen some new to Harbor players not using their abilities enough and feeling too limited,” Riot Games said.

“We hope these changes will make it easier for players to get started with Harbor and for experienced Harbor players to gain more flexibility when controlling the map.”

Cascade now has two purchasable charges, each costing 150 credits. It allows players to equip a wave of water and send it rolling forward and through walls. Enemies hit are slowed.

Unlike Fade, which found its way into the meta almost immediately as a solid alternative to Sova, Harbor has yet to gain a foothold in team comps. He currently sits at a 1.5% pick rate at Platinum 3, according to blitz.gg, a percentage that further decreases at higher ranks.

But even with Cascade’s added load, Harbor’s lack of stall remains its biggest weakness. The slow debuff on High Tide and Cascade remains relatively disappointing, barely an effective deterrent to opponents planning to push through walls.

While the extra charge improves his ability to disrupt enemy setups, it remains to be seen if this will have a significant impact on his pick rate.

You can read the full 5.10 patch notes here.

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