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Overwatch 2 is currently in its second week after a highly anticipated launch. Blizzard’s sequel brought some gameplay changes, tweaks to hero abilities, and new playable characters as well. The game’s free-to-play status has helped attract a new player base that is growing every day.

As players new and old enter Overwatch 2, they will have access to a wide selection of heroes to play with, each with their own playstyle and abilities. One of these heroes is Ashe, the beautiful southerner and explosives expert, who is accompanied by a bodyguard known as Bob.

This Overwatch 2 guide will tell you about Ashe’s different abilities, her class and role on the team, as well as how best to use her in battle. If you’re a new player to the game or just looking to reacquaint yourself with the character’s moveset, you’ll find everything you need below.

How to Unlock Ashe in Overwatch 2

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If you’re new to Overwatch 2 and never played the first game, you’ll need to go through a bit of grinding to unlock Ashe as a playable character. Unlocking characters is a fairly simple task. After completing the training area, you will need to play a total of 150 matches to unlock the full roster of heroes in the game.

To get Ashe as a playable hero, you’ll need to compete in 50 unranked matches, which may take some time. Fortunately, winning a match counts as a double, so you can unlock her earlier, depending on your level of play.

Ashe’s class and abilities

Ashe's Abilities (Image via Activision Blizzard)
Ashe’s Abilities (Image via Activision Blizzard)

Ashe is a damage class hero in Overwatch 2, which means she has access to a new passive that comes with the role. This gives him a 25% buff to movement and reload speed for 2.5 seconds immediately after killing an enemy hero.

As a damage hero, Ashe is well equipped to deal high damage using her abilities, which are mostly offensive. Additionally, Ashe can team up with a tank or support hero to easily gain the upper hand in a match and be vital to the team’s success.

Below is a list of Ashe’s abilities.

The Viper: It is a repeating rifle and Ashe’s primary weapon, featuring two firing modes. Normal Mode is a semi-automatic rifle, while in Alternate Mode Ashe can aim down the sights (ADS) of the gun for a better view, increasing damage and accuracy but reducing rate of fire.

Trainer pistol: Ashe pulls out a sawed-off shotgun and fires at enemies in front of her while pushing herself back a considerable distance. When pulled down while standing or jumping, the knockback propels Ashe into the air, which is useful for crossing gaps.

Dynamite: As her name suggests, Ashe throws a large bundle of dynamite and throws it in front of her, which explodes after 2 seconds or when shot. The explosion deals damage in a 5 yard radius and also inflicts burn damage for 5 seconds.

BOB: This is Ashe’s ultimate ability, where she summons Bob, her bodyguard, to aid her in battle. Bob spawns on Ashe’s right side and charges forward until he hits a wall, enemy hero(es), or travels 65 yards. Upon hitting one or more heroes, Bob will propel them into the air, dealing massive damage. He will then stay on the battlefield for 10 seconds and shoot enemy heroes with his machine guns.

These are all of Ashe’s abilities in Overwatch 2. In the next section, we’ll look at some tips regarding Ashe’s main strengths, how to use her in a match, and work well with your team.

Tips for unknown

Ashe lines up her shot (Image via Activision Blizzard)
Ashe lines up her shot (Image via Activision Blizzard)

In Overwatch 2, Ashe is best at mid range, as her ADS damage is considerably high and most of her other abilities have a mid to long range attack radius. Using ADS from a good vantage point is very useful in battle, as it doubles the damage of his Viper Rifle and takes a while to reload.

The Coach Pistol is excellent for maintaining distance with enemies and is also a great tool for increasing Ashe’s mobility, allowing her to reach high ledges and access great firing points. Dynamite is a great way to counter aggressive group attacks that deny terrain and shatter the enemy team.

Finally, Bob is a great ultimate that gives your team an extra member, especially when capturing points. Bob benefits greatly from team buffs, his 10 second duration is great for speeding up the capture process, and his large size is sure to draw enemy fire.

And that’s all you need to know about Ashe in Overwatch 2. Did you find this guide helpful? If so, why not leave us a like on the article? You can also leave us a comment, letting us know what else you would like to see on the site.

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