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Popular during the early stages of the game, Phoenix has the potential to be a threat and with our guide you will be able to get crucial kills in your Valorant matches.

Phoenix has one of the simplest utility kits in Valorant and its abilities allow players to turn the tide of the match with the snap of their fingers.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Phoenix is ​​a duelist with a brash and confident personality. As a result, this agent’s voice lines are some of the best in this game to date.

If you’re looking to expand your Dueling Agent pool, Phoenix is ​​a great choice and in this guide you’ll find everything you need to know about Valorant’s hotheaded Agent.

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Phoenix Abilities and Prices in Valorant

Phoenix is ​​a simple duelist and fans of the FPS genre will find mastering the agent rather easy. Additionally, Phoenix is ​​a great alternative for Reyna and can heal herself with two abilities.

Here are all of Phoenix’s kit abilities, default hotkeys, and their cost:

Blaze – 200 Credits (C)

He equips Phoenix with a wall of flame that when fired creates a line of fire. By default, the flame wall is upright, but holding the left click allows players to bend and also create new ways to use the wall.

Additionally, the brazier stays intact for eight seconds and can be used to heal itself, while also damaging opponents who pass through it.

Maximum charge: 1
Healing: 6.25 HP/s
Damage inflicted: 30 HP/s

Curveball – 250 Credits (Q)

Curveball is a flare orb that takes a curved path, explodes shortly after launch, and blinds all players who see it. Accordingly, it is popularly known as the flash or the flash of Phoenix.

Additionally, players can bend the flash in either direction. Right-click to bend right and left-click to bend left.

Max Loads: 2

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Warm Hands – Free (E)

He equips a fireball that explodes upon hitting the ground, creating a lingering area of ​​fire that damages anyone standing inside. On the other hand, it heals Phoenix and is active for about three seconds.

Since this is Phoenix’s signature ability, you can recharge it by getting two kills.

Maximum charge: 1
Healing: 12.5 HP/s

Go back – 6 points (X)

This is Phoenix’s ultimate ability and when using it, a counter is placed immediately at Phoenix’s position. While active, dying or letting the timer expire ends the ability and returns Phoenix to the marked location at full health.

Keep in mind that the ultimate expires after 10 seconds of activation.

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Best Cards for Phoenix

Although Phoenix has seen a decline in its pick rate over the past year, the agent allows players to play with confidence. Here are the cards where Phoenix abilities can guide your Valorant ranked team to victory:

Best Phoenix Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • Phoenix thrives in one-on-one fights, and his flash can help kickstart such engagements.
  • Wall of flame or blaze is a great ability to cut and help your team get into a bomb site.
  • If you’re low on HP, use Flaming and Hot Hands together to increase your healing. This will help you reset your HP and get back into the fight as soon as possible.
  • Use flash before looking at angles or trying to enter a bomb site.
  • Always position yourself in a safe place before activating the run it back ultimate. If an opponent shoots your ultimate, you will spawn in a safe place.

In other news, it looks like no new maps or agents are coming in Episode 4, Act 2. It’s time for Riot Games to address the Valorant issues.

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