Accidental burns, messes and more, IU hones her culinary skills during her birthday celebration! : K-WAVE: Korean portal



“Maybe you expected me to burn whatever I do, spill sugar or something. Sorry, if something like that is what you expected this time. I’m sorry to disappoint you, “IU noted.

As she began to cook, IU hilariously and adorably chose not to use proper measuring tools, choosing to go with her instincts in the matter. It was really relevant as most viewers were guilty of “staring” at what they were cooking.

Also, as IU started to sauté her veggies, her staff asked her if she was messy at home, as she is now.

IU adorably replied, “I live on my own anyway, if it all gets messy, so what? Whatever, I’m the one who cleans it anyway!”

Sadly, as IU asked her staff to try out her cooking, she didn’t notice how close her pot and pan were, accidentally burning her arm on the hot pan. But like a big girl, IU brushed it off even when giving viewers advice.

IU adorably told her viewers, “Guys, if you happen to burn yourself from something like this, quickly apply cold running water to cool it down. If you apply ice to it, that could make matters worse, do you know? “

Congratulations on being active for 13 years, IU!

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