ACE Cash Express Launches New School of ACE Scholarship Program

The scholarship program provides financial aid to students who wish to pursue a career in the financial industry.

ACE Cash Express has a long history of providing a wide range of financial products and services, including short-term loans, card services, check cashing, money transfers, etc. The company has always been committed to helping people achieve their dreams of education, and this scholarship program is just another example of their commitment to creating opportunities for people who want to impact their communities.

The grant program awards $50 per month for up to five years (up to $2,500 total). The scholarship amount can be increased depending on the academic performance of the applicant. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (or equivalent) for their application to be considered.

To make this opportunity possible, the company has partnered with 1First Cash Advancea service that gathers hundreds of direct lenders on one platform.

The new partnership offers 1FirstCashAdvances customers the opportunity to get fast cash advances regardless of their credit history. Customers can now apply for any loan amount and receive their money within 24 hours. Additionally, they can access 150+ lenders and a variety of lending products including payday loans, installment loans, title loans and more.

Their goal is to make it easy for all Americans to find the right loan product that fits their needs and budget. The goal is for every customer to get the money they need quickly and cheaply through our partnership with 1FirstCashAdvance.

“We are excited about this partnership because it will allow us to offer more options to our customers,” said Leron Gubler, CEO of ACE Cash Express. “This new relationship allows us to offer them a broader range of products and services that meet their financial needs.”

Along with this scholarship, 1FirstCashAdvance has its program called Financial Champions Scholarship. It is designed to recognize and reward high school seniors who demonstrate financial responsibility and plan to attend a two- or four-year college in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. Students must be US citizens or permanent residents and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to be eligible for this scholarship.

Students are evaluated on their academic achievement, financial needs, community service activities, leadership roles in organizations, and community involvement. The award is valued at $1,000 per year for up to four years of undergraduate study at a two- or four-year college.

Latoria Williams, CEO of 1FirstCashAdvance, is dedicated to educating people with limited access to mainstream finance about responsible lending. She shared her vision of making credit available to everyone. “We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to build their credit,” she said. “If you don’t build your credit, it’s difficult to get approved for anything in life.”

Williams believes she can help people achieve their dreams by giving people access to affordable credit.

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