AH planning board chairman resigns to become code enforcement officer

ATL. HIGHLANDS – Although Planning Board Chairman Richard Colangelo was appointed to the position at last week’s Planning Board organizational meeting, he is no longer a member of the Planning Board with his appointment at last night’s mayor and council meeting as borough code enforcement officer.

Mayor Loretta Gluckstein said at the meeting that Colangelo had already tendered her resignation from the planning board and had another person she would appoint to the position. Colangelo’s position as code enforcement officer begins Jan. 17 and runs until Dec. 31 or until a successor is named and confirmed.

In the resolution approving Colangelo, his duties include protecting the health, safety and welfare of local citizens and visitors, as well as preserving the attractive appearance of the borough, with the obligation to enforce ordinances and ensure all local, county and state codes and codes. regulations are enforced through fair and complete application of borough codes.

Colangelo’s nomination, one of seven resolutions on the list that would regularly pass unanimously, was separated to allow discussion of his nomination, with Councilor Jon Crowley saying he would prefer the borough to consider shared services with other municipalities for post code enforcement as a more cost effective measure.

Colangelo has served on the planning board since 2013, the last three as chairman.


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The appointment was also the subject of comments during the public portion of the Zoom meeting, with Chris Keelan asking if the appointment to the paid post was a “political payoff” and alleging that the president “looked like he crawled under a rock” sometimes. . Keelan also had a heated discussion with councilor Steve Borrachia about Zoom and in-person meetings, and told the councilor “you should learn to control your mouth”.

But Colangelo could not be recognized speaking during the public part. When residents strongly criticized the planning board’s decision to hold its meeting in person rather than virtually despite the governing body’s decision to hold all meetings virtually, Colangelo asked to be recognized but was refused, in the as he was then newly appointed to the paid position.

In other cases, council unanimously passed two ordinances, after no one spoke during the public portions of each. These are the salary ordinance setting salary ranges for borough employees for the following year, and the COLA ordinance of 2022.

Kevin Young was appointed to a rotating position with the Department of Public Works on the recommendation of the Borough Administrator, Director of DPW and Department Superintendents at a base salary of $36,000 effective January 18, and will complete a 90-day probationary period under the Borough’s Municipal Employees Association contract.

Michael Berth was appointed for a one-year term on the Parking Committee, Angus Rennie for a five-year term on the Shade Tree Commission, and four people were appointed as Fire Marshals, each for a two-year term Martin Hawley , Fire Marshal Martin Hawley, Jr. MP, James Merkel, MP and Stephanie Hawley, Inspector.

Attorney Matthew Giacobbe has been appointed to a contract ending December 31, 2022 as Labor Counsel to represent the Borough in contact/labor negotiations and other matters assigned by the Administrator with the Mayor’s competitor , at the rate of $150 per hour.

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