Airline passengers on the flight to Orlando had to be patient as a newborn was simply unable to wait

Passengers aboard a Border airlines flight from Denver, Colorado, to Orlando, Florida, had to practice a little patience in-flightbecause a small passenger was simply unable to wait.

A Border airlines flight crew on board an airliner bound for Orlando International Airport had their work cut out for them. When the co-pilot landed the airplane in Florida, he did so at a different airport than scheduled, and there was a passenger on board whose name was not on the original flightpassenger backrest.

Credit: Facebook/Frontier Airlines

As they say in aviation jargon, it was an “unlikely event” as a pregnant woman gave birth unexpectedly mid-year.flight. But where panic might have ensued, calm and order prevailed.

Flight attendant Diana Giraldo immediately and calmly swung into action, as if she were a seasoned obstetrician, but had flown away to give birth. Giraldo helped the mom-to-be to the back toilet inside the airplane and began to help deliver her babya little girl.

As the crew, led by Diana Giraldo, attended to their new midwifery duties, Captain Chris Nye handed over flight functions to his first officer so that he can work to coordinate the airplanediversion to Pensacola Airport.

“The whole crew really made a good work“, Nye said. “The breakdown made a good work also suggesting Pensacola International Airport and prepare a gate and paramedics for us. It was a job well done, and I was happy to see everyone working together to successfully deliver a newborn on a airplane.”

When the airplane landed at Pensacola International Airport, paramedics awaited the arrival of the new mother and her baby girl. During the transfer of mom and baby to the care of the paramedics on the ground, Captain Chris Nye and his crew prepared the passengers to continue the planned journey flight with service to Orlando, Florida via Orlando International Airportapproximately 380 air miles.

Captain Nye noted that the airplane on which the baby was delivered, N717FR, is Frontier’s “Lily and Luna” airplanealso called “mother and daughter airplane.” The tail of airplane features an image of a wolf mother and her pup.

baby born in flight borders airlines

Credit: Frontier Airlines

Everyone on board and on the ground was thrilled that mom and baby were fine. But something tells us that if there were children or children at heart on board with Park pass reservations at Walt Disney World Resort today, they were even happier when their airplane took off from the Pensacola Airport then landed in Orlando.

Construction of Walter Elias Disney International Airport at Disney World just can’t happen fast enough!

disney world airport

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A spokesperson for the Airline company said that due to the babyit is urgent in flight delivery by the very competent and caring Frontier flight attendantthe new mother gave her baby the middle name “Sky”.

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