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PESHAWAR: The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Thursday denotated Akbar Ayub Khan as minister of local government and rural development following his resignation.

The development comes more than a week after the dismissal of a minister and an adviser to the chief minister.

A notification issued by the administration department read: “Governor KP in the exercise of powers conferred under clause 3 of article 132 of the Constitution, read together with clause 1 of article 105 of the Constitution. -Here, has the pleasure to denote Mr. Akbar Ayub Khan, Minister of LG&RD and the portfolios of human rights and parliamentary affairs. Upon de-notification of his respective office, he ceased to hold the portfolio of the provincial minister with immediate effect.

In a statement released here, government spokesman Kamran Khan Bangash said Mr. Ayub had resigned his ministerial post and Chief Minister Mahmood Khan had accepted his resignation.

He cites health problems, constituency responsibilities as the reason for leaving cabinet

The statement also quoted Mr. Ayub as saying he was unable to perform his duties as minister regarding health issues and constituency responsibilities.

He added that he was grateful to the chief minister for trusting him and that he would focus on his health and his constituency in the future.

Separately, the minister’s handwritten resignation letter cited a recently diagnosed illness as the main reason he took a break from work to focus on his treatment and outstanding personal affairs.

However, sources claimed that Mr. Ayub was removed from his post on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

They told Dawn that Minister LG was to be sacked along with Social Protection Minister Hisham Inamullah Khan and CM income adviser Qalandar Khan Lodhi in July, but was retained by Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, who had a “soft corner” for him.

The sources said the provincial government had no choice but to impeach Mr Ayub when the prime minister again raised the matter and asked why he was still in cabinet despite his orders.

Another source said that this time around, the provincial government wanted to avoid the situation that had arisen after the expulsion of Mr. Hisham and Mr. Lodhi.

Mr. Hisham accused Provincial Governor Shah Farman and Kashmir’s Federal Minister of Affairs Ali Amin Khan Gandapur of “stabbing him in the back” after he left the provincial cabinet, while Lodhi regretted the statement attributed to him. government spokesperson on his impeachment due to poverty performance.

Speaking to the provincial assembly on July 30, Lodhi said the remarks about the poor performance hurt the feelings of his constituents. He insisted that his department’s performance was praised in official documents on June 30, but suddenly the situation changed and his performance was declared poor, which was unfair.

Meanwhile, the provincial government, through another notification, handed over the portfolio of parliamentary affairs and human rights to Minister of Labor and Culture Shaukat Ali Yousafzai.

Interestingly, Faisal Amin Khan, brother of Kashmir’s Federal Affairs Minister Ali Amin Gandapur, who was sworn in as minister in early May this year, has yet to receive any portfolio.

In addition, the cabinet posts vacated by Mr. Hisham and Mr. Lodhi were also not assigned to anyone.

Mr Ayub was first appointed Minister of Communication and works in the current cabinet, but later took on the department of primary and secondary education. He was then appointed Minister of Local Authorities and Rural Development.

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