All of Rhapsody’s abilities in Apex Legends, explained

Rhapsody is coming Apex Legends Mobile in Season 2. The new season, which is called Distortion, along with the new Legend is coming to Apex Legends Mobile on July 12. Here are all of Rhapsody’s abilities explained.

All of Rhapsody’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile explained

Rhapsody is a extremely unique legend as she is the first to have a robot sidekick. His name is Rowdy and he will no doubt be linked to his kit. All of Rhapsody’s abilities will be music and rhythm themed, which suits his character. While we don’t know much about Rhapsody’s abilities just yet, we can make some pretty good guesses from the trailer.

It is safe to assume his passive will include his puppy companion, Rowdy, similar to Crypto’s drone. Although Rowdy probably isn’t controllable, using it as Rhapsody’s passive could be track nearby enemies by amplifying their sounds or provide some sort of sound wave attack.

From the trailer, our guess for its tactic is that it is a frontal shield similar to Newcastle in the main Apex Legends game. He’s deployed from Rowdy, which means that could be his passive, but that wouldn’t be our first guess.

And finally, our guess for her ultimate is that she creates a massive sound wave which amplifies his movement speed and that of all his teammates. This would be a very effective ultimate that basically looks like Seer’s ultimate but works like a better Mad Maggie’s ultimate.

What do you think Rhapsody Abilities will be in Apex Legends Mobile? Are you excited to have a new character and a new map? Are you jealous because Rhapsody and the new map aren’t coming to Apex Legends? Me too. Check out our Apex Legends Mobile page for all the upcoming news.

Apex Legends Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

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