Associate Researcher at the Center for the Study of Governance & Society job with KINGS COLLEGE LONDON

job description

The primary objective of CSGS associates is to conduct their own research and prepare their work for submission to academic journals or an academic press. You may be asked to teach only one class during your residency. The incumbent will be required to be involved in the academic life of the Department of Political Economy and attend departmental seminars and CSGS conferences. The Research Associate should be self-motivated and focused on using their time in residence to complete papers or a book manuscript of their thesis or current project.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

1. The primary responsibility of the incumbent is to focus on completing their research projects during their residency year at CSGS. You can also teach a single one-semester class during their residency.

2. The post holder should endeavor to present their work at conferences, departmental seminars within ECD and other departments at King’s College London, and at seminars and workshops held at other universities.

3. The incumbent must attend CSGS seminars and public lectures.

This position will be offered on a one-year full-time fixed-term contract.

Main responsibilities

  • Conduct independent research.
  • Submit research to academic journals or book publishers upon completion of the fellowship.
  • Engage and participate in events organized by the CSGS and in the wider academic life of the Department of Political Economy.
  • Research and develop opportunities for audience engagement and impact.

The above list of responsibilities may not be exhaustive and the post holder will be required to undertake the duties and responsibilities reasonably expected within the scope and classification of the position.

Skills, knowledge and experience

Essential criteria

1. Completed or nearly completed PhD in political science, history, sociology, economics or related discipline

2. Excellent communication skills (oral and written) and ability to communicate complex information clearly and concisely.

3. Excellent workload and time management skills.

4. Experience in presentation work at conferences, demonstrated ability to produce excellent published, or publishable, research with leading journals and academic presses.

5. Experience in conducting independent research.

Desirable criteria

1. Well-structured research plans for carrying out defined projects.

2. Interdisciplinary interests.

3. Engagement with broad and important research questions.

Please note that this is a PhD level role, however applicants who have submitted their thesis and are awaiting their PhD will be considered. In these circumstances, the appointment will be in 5th year, spine 30 with the title of research assistant. Upon confirmation of the PhD award, the job title will change to Research Associate and the salary will increase to Grade 6.

The selection process will include a panel interview, conducted online if required.

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