Augerea challenges court sheriffs to uphold their duties

Speaking at a week-long sheriff’s training course held at the March Girls Resort in Central Province, Registrar of the National Court and Supreme Court Ian Augerea challenged security officers from the sheriff (trainees) to practice what they have learned during the training.

Mr. Augerea told participants during the training that in order to become a law enforcement officer of the organization, they must fulfill a certain set of requirements to be deemed qualified for the position.

“As a National and Supreme Court Sheriff’s Police Officer and Sheriff’s Security Officer, you would uphold the laws, rules and regulations of the organization and you must demonstrate integrity in your roles because you will go above and beyond to keep the organization safe.

“You are responsible for protecting the legal process at the courthouse while maintaining the safety and security of the court, family and public and ensuring that infrastructure and people are protected. You must apply security practices to assigned positions while using available reporting equipment, technologies and processes,” Mr. Augerea told interns.

He further explained the intentions of the training and what is expected of the trainees.

“Because the courthouse is accessible and centralized, it is vulnerable to random acts of violence. The training is specifically designed to ensure that the organization has appropriate security procedures, technology, personal and architectural characteristics to not only protect the safety of people and property in and around court premises, but also to protect the integrity of the justice system. to treat.

Training involves finding solutions to problems regarding court security, disciplining sheriff’s security forces, and planning properly, which involves working with police departments, emergency agencies, and governing bodies. Sheriff’s Security Forces are recognized as an integral part of the Sheriff’s Office’s mission to protect our citizens and officers of the court. Our court security personnel are committed to ensuring the safety of all individuals conducting court business at the court centre,” he added.

Mr. Augerea said it was instructive to note that court security has always been an essential part of the administration of justice.

“The police have a duty to ensure security measures within judicial premises. The roles of court employees complement and support the role of bailiffs,” he said.

He further alluded to the fact that the value and importance of the sheriff’s security forces were indispensable to the organization.

“Training like this provides the right knowledge, skills and instincts that are essential for organizational security and survival. In today’s modern world, security guards need to be one step ahead of the rest.

“The Sheriff’s Security Forces are the sentries of our organization. They are the enforcers of policies and laws within the organization. These are the key elements of peacekeeping inside the premises of the organization.

They prevent threats and other crimes from happening within the organization,” Augerea added. “However, poorly trained security guards become another warm body that takes up space in the organization. Poorly equipped security guards lax in good safety, security, and situational awareness practices are detrimental to organizational security and success.

It is therefore very important that sheriff’s security officers undergo proper training before and during their tenure as guardians of the organization.
Sheriff Security Officers have also been trained to work and interact with the public and court users who enter court premises on a daily basis.

Security guards can sometimes be involved in risky situations and the training educates them on how to prevent violent outcomes.

“The training ensures that the guards know the laws, rules and regulations of the organization so that they work within their limits without restricting anyone’s right.”

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