Avatar: 10 Strongest Marvel Characters Korra Can Defeat

Time and time again, Korra has shown the true extent of her power against numerous enemies in The legend of Korra. Whether in an Avatar State or not, she has never backed down from a fight and has always relied on her instincts and abilities to overcome all manner of threats. It is not without reason that she is considered one of the most powerful characters in her universe.

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While there are many Marvel superheroes who would never be defeated by this Avatar, there are many more who are more likely to fall under Korra’s bending abilities and fighting skills, either because they don’t have the strength to master it or simply because they don’t. I don’t have enough power to match it.

ten Hercules’ strength wouldn’t match Korra’s bending skills

Based on Heracles from Greek mythology, Hercules is a superhuman who possesses the abilities of an Olympian god: he has super strength, super speed, super reflexes, and super stamina and endurance. In addition to this, he is also a master of many Olympian arts, such as archery, wrestling, and some martial arts.

However, even though Hercules is a very powerful superhuman, none of his abilities are enough to match Korra’s. Granted, a hand-to-hand combat between these two characters would have a very close outcome, but in the end, Hercules lacks the additional abilities to deal with something as powerful as Korra’s bending skills, and he would therefore succumb to the four elements.

9 Korra’s firebending directly addresses Venom’s weakness

Venom Lethal Protector Cover

Marvel’s favorite symbiote would soon lose a fight against the Avatar simply because she possesses the ability to control one of her greatest weaknesses; Fire. While this element doesn’t necessarily kill Venom, it depletes it, so it wouldn’t take long for Korra to neutralize the Venom symbiote.

Now Korra would have to be extra careful in a fight against Venom: if the symbiote took her as a host, her evil nature would mix with the powers of the Avatar and they could become one of the most dangerous forces on Earth.

8 Emma Frost’s telepathic abilities would deter Korra, but not beat her

X-Men Inferno Blanche Queen Emma Frost

Considering that Emma Frost is one of the most powerful women in the Marvel Universe, many wouldn’t believe Korra would beat her in battle, but Frost is highly unlikely to win against the Avatar. Although she is a very skilled fighter, she is not as good as Korra, who is considered a martial arts prodigy.

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Either way, Emma Frost’s abilities aren’t completely useless against Korra. The White Queen can transform her body into a diamond at will, allowing her to withstand many punches. She is also an excellent telepath, and Korra tends to be weak in the face of delusion. However, that wouldn’t be enough and Emma would soon find herself in Korra’s hands.

seven Korra’s fighting skills surpass Jessica Jones’ strength

Jessica Jones’ main ability is her superhuman strength. Because of this, a battle between her and Korra would only be blows. Since Korra is a trained fighter who knows several martial arts and Jessica is trained in hand-to-hand combat, both women would give and receive punches in the same way.

However, even though Jessica is physically stronger than Korra, she is not as competent as she is. On top of that, if Korra used her bending abilities, Jessica Jones would be able to do very little to avoid losing the fight.

6 Black Panther’s abilities wouldn’t be enough to defeat Korra

Black Panther Kang

Much like the Avatar, the Black Panther is a chosen spiritual leader who also serves as a guardian to her people. Korra and T’Challa both understood their function in society from a young age, and because of this, they are properly trained to fulfill their destiny. This, of course, includes combat training.

Both characters are very proficient on the battlefield and they also possess powers the other does not: Korra can bend, and T’Challa has superhuman speed, strength, and reflexes. In this area, Korra wins all the time, and Black Panther cannot protect herself from the elements. Granted, Black Panther can heal himself, and that power would make the fight last for a while, but ultimately Wakanda’s Protector would end up on the losing side.

5 Korra’s bending is a big advantage against Captain America

Captain america with shield

Everyone loves Captain America and yes, he’s a talented fighter. However, there is very little Steve Rogers can do against an enemy as powerful as the Avatar, especially Korra. Not only does she have her bending abilities, which gives her an advantage over an old-school fighter like Steve, but she’s also mastered a lot more martial arts than the Super Soldier.

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Perhaps Captain America might be able to fend off Korra using her unique fighting style, but being a combat prodigy, she will soon find a strategy to prevail over him.

4 Magneto would be Korra’s admirable opponent, but he wouldn’t beat her

Magneto header

Since Magneto can manipulate the magnetic fields around him, you could say that his powers are very similar to those of bending. This ability to control any metallic object close to him would make him a very difficult enemy for Korra. Still, he wouldn’t beat her.

Korra can also master metal, and she can also control three times the elements that Magneto does. In addition, his combat skills are far superior to that of Erik Lehnsherr. All Magneto would likely be able to do is dodge Korra’s punches, but even that wouldn’t last long given her speed and strength during the fight.

3 Korra would struggle against America Chavez, but she would beat her

America Chavez, also known as Miss America, has superhuman strength, speed, and durability. She can also fly. More importantly, Chavez can create holes in reality in order to travel to other places. For this reason, she is one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Either way, Korra would be able to beat her.

America’s only advantage over the Avatar is probably her ability to warp in space, but unless she tries to escape, that power wouldn’t do much. In any other category, Korra surpasses her. On top of that, America does not have any power that can help her against the Four Elements the Avatar can overpower.

2 No Iron Man costume matches Korra

The invincible iron man

Although Iron Man is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe, his wits and abilities barely come in handy against Korra, whose power of bending is one of the strongest. If they had to fight, she would win.

The only way Iron Man can beat Korra, or at least come close to her, is to have already prepared for battle, to know her powers. He’s smart enough to create technology that would stop the Avatar, but he’s not strong enough to stop it if that technology fails, less melee because it is stronger.

1 Korra would need the avatar state to defeat Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

As one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe, Captain Marvel would be one of the toughest opponents for any avatar. In fact, it’s possible that Korra won’t be able to defeat her using her own strength, but it should be remembered that Korra not only wields her own power but that of many Avatars before her.

For this reason, in order to defeat Carol, Korra would have to access the Avatar State. Considering that Captain Marvel’s powers are basically what one would consider energybending, it would be a grueling fight. However, Korra would beat her in the end, as her combat skills are superior to Captain Marvel’s.

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