Bad BJP Govt policies leading to financial problems at HEC: Sahay


Former Union Minister Subodh Kant Sahay said on Saturday that HEC had been sold from the Bajpayee government to the Modi government due to bad BJP policies and that he would continue to try until his last ability to save him.

Addressing a press conference in the state capital, Sahay said that more than 5,000 people work at HEC permanently and temporarily and that there is a township of 1.5 lakh inhabitants.

“At HEC, the officers have not received a salary for five months and the workers for four months. At present, HEC has a work order of around Rs 2,000 crore. But, the work does not continue due to the lack of working capital. At HEC for 19 months, the president of VAL has been entrusted with the additional office of president of HEC, he has only been in office four times in 19 months, ”he added.

The former Union Minister said that HEC is the pride of Jharkhand. “It is the mother plant of industries established in the country. In 2004, when the UPA government was in power and he was a minister, he tried to revive it by giving a special package, ”he added.

Sahay said Indian government’s Heavy Industries Minister Javedkar spoke to him on the phone and informed him of HEC status and said it was necessary for Jharkhand and the country’s existence to sue HEC .

He said that if the comfort letter is given by the government of India to HEC for working capital, then the work order from HEC can be completed by Rs 2,000 crore.

“You can also raise money by giving the rest of the lease, not by selling the HEC land. The Minister of Heavy Industries assured that a meeting would be called at the ministry without delay on the issue of HEC and that any decision would be taken without delay on the points raised by you, ”Sahay said.

He also urged Union Cabinet Minister Arjun Munda to come forward to save HEC to protect Jharkhand’s identity as a representative.

Sahay also urged the state government to take notice and revive HEC.

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