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As for magic users, Dungeons & Dragons has an abundance of classes to choose from, one of which is Druid. These characters tap into the power of the natural world and the elements around them in an effort to protect and preserve what is dear to them. Druids who follow the Circle of Dreams have a very special bond with the Feywild, and their affinity with nature develops a bond between them and good-aligned faerie creatures and spirits.

The Druids of the Circle of Dreams yearn wholeheartedly to fill the world around them with the same brand of dreamlike wonder experienced in the Feywild, blurring the nature of reality itself to provide a sense of respite and comfort to the weary. and to the oppressed. When creating a Circle of Dreams Druid, it is important to consider certain factors, such as their base stats, racial attributes, chosen feats, and spells. The right build will create a powerful group member that the rest of the team can turn to for comfort and peace during times of difficulty and conflict.

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Wisdom is the base stat of the Druid of the Circle of Dreams

D&D Adventure Party with Druid

Druids are among the wisest members of an adventuring party. Their connection to the natural world around them makes them incredibly intuitive, and for that reason alone it’s essential to get their Wisdom score to 20 as quickly as possible. Not only is WIS the stat that powers their magical abilities, but it also defines their spell attacks and damage bonuses. WIS also contributes to many of the druid’s most important skills, such as animal handling, insight, medicine, perception, and survival.

Because druids rely heavily on their magical abilities, it’s also important to strengthen their constitution. Many of their spells require focus, and a high CON score can increase their hit point pool and help them maintain focus when under attack.

It can also be a good idea to increase Dexterity as occasionally a Druid may have no choice but to get into melee combat, and the weapons they are capable of. to use generally require the type of finesse to be a strong DEX modifier. provides. DEX also contributes to their ability to move unseen through the world, enhancing skills such as stealth, sleight of hand, and acrobatics.

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Kalashtar Makes Excellent Circle of Dreams Druids

D&D 5e Kalashtar

The Kalashtar race is the perfect choice for this type of druid as they are ancestrally linked to the dream realm. Despite their connection to this realm, they do not actually dream when they sleep, so they are immune to spells and magical effects that require dreaming. They can still be put to sleep with spells like Sleep, but their severed connection doesn’t allow them to dream. Additionally, they have unique Mind Link abilities that allow them to communicate with creatures telepathically – even if that creature doesn’t speak their language.

Kalashtar also receives a +2 bonus to its most important stat, WIS. They can take advantage of their WIS saving throws, increasing the likelihood of conjuring WIS-based magical effects. They tend to be loyally good in their alignment, maintaining a strong sense of self-discipline with compassion for all living beings. These traits work incredibly well with the embodied spirit of the Circle of Dreams path.

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Best Achievements for Circle of Dreams Druid

D&D Kalashtar Ranger

Sacrificing a stat boost to achieve an achievement is not a decision to be taken lightly. However, there are feats that provide a +1 bonus to stats with additional abilities that benefit the Druid. For example, Telepathic is useful, especially for a Kalashtar. Not only does this feat enhance their natural telekinetic abilities by giving them access to the Detect Thoughts spell, but it also gives them the ability to increase WIS by +1.

There’s also Telekinetic, which grants a +1 WIS bonus and the ability to move objects using only their incredibly disciplined minds. Telekinesis gives access to the Hand of Mage minor spell, and if they already know this spell, its range increases by 18 meters. Fey-Touched is also perfect for this Druid due to their ties to the Feywild. It provides a +1 to WIS, and they learn additional spells, like Misty Step and a first level spell from the school of divination or enchantment.

War Caster is one of the best exploits for a Druid, even though it does not offer stat boosts. Gaining an advantage on CON saves to maintain spell focus increases their chance of sustaining spell effects that could very well keep the party alive. This feat also allows the druid to cast spells without using somatic components when their hands are full. Finally, warcasters can use their reaction to make an attack with a spell instead of a melee attack of opportunity, as long as the spell has a cast time of 1 action and only targets a single creature.

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Best Spells For Circle Of Dreams Druid

A druid casting a spell with an amulet

Druids have the ability to modify their prepared spell list each time they complete a long rest, meaning they can prepare for the day’s adventures with potential events in mind. That being said, some spells will likely become unavoidable. Consider choosing spells inspired by Feywild to coincide with their connection to faerie spirits. Early spells like Animal Friendship, Animal Messenger, Animal Friendship, and Beast Sense strengthen and strengthen these bonds.

As the Druid progresses through levels, pick up spells like Summon Fey, Speak with Plants, Guardian of Nature, and Summon Draconic Spirit. These spells cement their connection aesthetically and can provide the party with much-needed help in difficult situations. Finally, Draconic Transformation, Animal Forms, and Shapeshifting give this druid a major advantage that says a lot about his connection to the Feywild.

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