Best PvP versions of the New World


New World is officially live, which means businesses and players alike will need the best PvP versions to defend their newly acquired territory.

New world is officially live, which means businesses and gamers alike will need the best PvP versions to defend their newly acquired territory. PvP is an important part of New world which can take place in an open world game or, in the case of Wars and Outpost Rush, can be scheduled. The best PvP versions will depend on the role players choose to take on, such as tank, DPS, healer, etc.

One of the most unique features of New world is that all of the weapons in the game have their own leveling and perk system that defines the roles of player characters, rather than forcing a player to choose a class. This feature allows everyone to play with different weapons and builds to find out where they are most comfortable to play. Additionally, there are three different types of weapons namely melee, ranged, and mana-based. The best PvP versions take advantage of the strengths of these weapons and emphasize those roles.

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Each build consists of two weapons in New world, with matching heavy, medium or light armor. Light armor provides the biggest DPS boost and dodge ability, but its slight damage resistance makes crowd control difficult. Heavy armor is the exact opposite, with poor DPS and dodge ability, but high damage resistance and great crowd control perks. Medium armor offers a good mix between the other two types, with higher DPS than heavy armor and better crowd control than light armor.

Best PvP versions of the new world

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These are the best PvP versions of New world:

Remote DPS

  • Light Armor
  • Attributes: Dexterity and Constitution
  • Bow (Skirmishers Tree Flee the shot and Poisoned shot Abilities, Hunter Tree Shard shot Capacity)
  • Spear (Tree Zoner Javelin and Cyclone Abilities, Impaler Tree Arch kick Capacity)

The New world The sole purpose of Ranged DPS Build is to deal damage from a distance and prevent enemies from getting too close. The bow requires ammo, so players with this build will need to make sure to bring plenty of arrows.


  • Light Armor
  • Attributes: Strength and Constitution
  • Hatchet (Berserker Tree Abilities)
  • Great Ax (Reaper Tree Collect and Load Abilities, Mauler Tree Gravity well)

This New world the class setup is intended for close combat and is particularly effective for head-to-head combat and strike-and-flight tactics. DPS Axer version is responsible for very damaging attacks and mobility.

Tank / healer

  • Heavy armor
  • Attributes: concentration and constitution
  • Sword and Shield (Shield Tree Abilities)
  • Staff of Life (Healing Tree Sacred ground Capacity, Protective Tree tag and Embrace of the light capacities)

This class is perfectly configured for those who want to play a built-in tank / healer New world. The Tank / Healer is responsible for crowd control and healing frontline teammates.

Mana dps

  • Light Armor
  • Attributes: Intelligence and Constitution
  • Fire Staff (Fire Mage Tree Pillar of Fire and Fireball Abilities, Pyromancer Tree Burnout Capacity)
  • Ice Gauntlet (Ice Storm Wind Chill Capacity, builder tree Ice pylon and Buried capacities)

Like the DPS Axer version, the Mana DPS version is better designed for head-to-head combat, with a bit more utility for crowd control in New world. Mana DPS characters should be sure to bring in plenty of health and mana potions with this build.

Mixed support

  • Medium armor
  • Attributes: Intelligence and Constitution
  • Hatchet (Tree Throwing Abilities)
  • Ice Gauntlet (Ice Storm Tree Abilities)

Mixed media version is a more complicated setup to use in New world, requiring more inventory space for mana recovery potions. While it works well against light armor users in one-on-one situations, this version excels in supporting allies who attack targets directly, as well as combating enemy momentum. Mixed support building requires a great deal of mana control while switching between combat and helping allies.

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New world is available on PC.

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