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Valorant is a very popular game among the gaming community, but if you’re not a gamer, you’ve probably never heard of it. Unlike many other video games these days, Valorant is specially designed to be played only on a real computer. Since this FPS (first person shooter) game at first glance looks a lot like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you might think you have enough knowledge to randomly choose who you want to play with. But now that the game’s meta has matured – and includes 16 robust agents – deciding who to pick can be tricky. Knowing about the different Valorant characters and their special abilities will help you find the ones that match your personal playstyle.

Add to the hype of Valorant? It comes from the American company Riot Games, the developer responsible for League of Legends. And if you don’t know what League of Legends is, you’re not a gaming dad – it’s been around for over a decade and is so incredibly popular that many well-known universities have LoL teams and donate awards. scholarships for the best players. (That’s right: your child might, in fact, get a scholarship to play video games.) Why is this important? Well, brand value aside, that means you can expect a similar level of quality of play. All of Valorant’s characters are fairly well balanced, so you won’t find any “unplayable” agents in the party.

Because the game was Riot’s first stab in an FPS game, it follows the same structure as many other shooters – two teams of five randomly assigned and battling against each other to secure a victory. In addition to the overarching goal of “winning”, you get various missions (or “contracts”). Completing contracts helps you earn XP which you can then use to unlock new characters, called “agents”. Over time, you can access all 16 agents.

But which should be the very first one you catch? Check out their lists of special abilities and see which agent you want to master.

What are Valorant agents?

We have established that Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter video game (short for five-on-five), in which each of the five players has a character called an agent. At the time of writing there are 15 Agents in the game: Brimstone, Phoenix, Sage, Sova, Viper, Cypher, Reyna, Killjoy, Breach, Omen, Jett, Raze, Skye, Yoru, Astra, and Kay / O. Each agent has four unique abilities (including one ultimate ability).

How do Valorant’s capabilities work?

Each agent comes with their own unique set of special abilities, and each set of abilities help create a totally different gaming experience. So, on each turn, each character gets an ability that they can use for free. They also have two other non-ultimate abilities that require a purchase from the Armory during the purchase phase – these abilities have limited uses and should be used sparingly. As for the “ultimate” ability of each character, it requires skill points to use, which you can accumulate in several ways: grab around the map, win by killing or passively collect each turn.

Who are the current Valorant characters?

1. Sulfur

Role: Controller
What we like: Brimstone offers one of the coolest game options in Valorant. Sky Smoke (E) can be used by pulling out the map and marking preferred locations where a “smoke screen” is installed and obscures vision. Why is this so useful? Because you can launch an attack without actually being in the area.
Other special abilities:

  • Incendiary (A)
  • Orbital Strike (X)
  • Rod tag (C)

2. Phoenix

Role: Duelist
What we like: Hot Hands (E) is a great game to do! Using Hot Hands you will launch a fireball which will explode upon impact with the ground. The explosion deals damage to all enemies within range, but heals Phoenix.
Other special abilities:

  • Outbreak (C)
  • Curveball (Q)
  • Run it back (X)

3. Sage

Role: Sentinel
What we like: Along with Sage’s Orb of Healing (E) and Orb of Resurrection (X), she is an integral part of the team. As their names suggest, an orb can be used to heal you or heal an injured friend. The other orb can resurrect an ally’s corpse. Rather useful, no?
Other special abilities:

  • Barrier Orb (C)
  • Slow Orb (Q)

4. Sova

Role: Initiator
What we like: Sova offers some of the best reconnaissance options in the game. With Recon Bolt (E), it can fire sonar that detects and marks nearby enemies. With Owl Drone (C) you can fly a drone to reveal enemies on the map. Then you can pick one to “mark” and follow until they deactivate the mark or you kill them.
Other special abilities:

  • Hunter’s Fury (X)
  • Shock absorber bolt (Q)

5. Viper

Role: Controller
What we like: There are some pretty nasty and gruesome tactical options in Viper’s slots. Our favorite, however, is Snakebite (C). When you trigger Snakebite, you launch a missile that quickly explodes and leaves a large puddle of acid that damages any enemies caught in the splash zone.
Other special abilities:

  • Poison Cloud (Q)
  • Toxic Screen (E)
  • Viper Pit (X)

6. Encrypt

Role: Sentinel
What we like: Neutral Threat (X) is another solid option for gameplay. When Cypher kills an opponent, equipping the neutral threat will allow you to see where the other enemies are. Move fast and catch the whole gang!
Other special abilities:

  • Cyber-cage (A)
  • Spy camera (E)
  • Trap wire (C)

7. Reyna

Role: Duelist
What we like: Reyna is truly a unique and powerful character. When she kills an enemy, it leaves behind “soul orbs”, which she can collect / consume and reap tons of perks. This makes her powerful, of course. But we have the most fun using Empress (X) and rushing at high speed, doing our usual damage.
Other special abilities:

  • Devour (A)
  • Reject (E)
  • Leer (C)

8. The joy of living

Role: Sentinel
What we like: Who doesn’t love a fucking turret (C)? Deploying the turret activates a 180 degree cone of fire. It pew-pew-pews any enemy within range. You know, quite similar to a real turret cannon.
Other special abilities:

  • Alarm robot (E)
  • Lock (X)
  • Namoswarm (A)

9. Violation

Role: Initiator
What we like: All of Breach’s unique moves are pretty cool. This includes the Flash Point (Q), which can be attached to a wall and then triggered to go out and blind those on the other side. Our favorite ability, however, is Rolling Thunder (X). When used, Rolling Thunder sends a cone-shaped explosion across the playing field that causes an earthquake, knocks anyone within range to the ground, and generally deals damage.
Other special abilities:

  • Replica (C)
  • Fault line (E)

10. Omen

Role: Controller
What we like: You always wanted to have the power to teleport yourself? Omen comes with two teleportation options. Shrouded Step (C) allows Omen to teleport short distances. Meanwhile, From The Shadows (X) allows you to teleport and respawn anywhere on the map. Just be warned: your enemies may see you initiate this teleport and cancel it by tapping.
Other special abilities:

  • Dark Blanket (E)
  • Paranoia (Q)

11. Jett

Role: Duelist
What we like:
We like Tailwind (E) for a defensive movement or an act of disengagement. Of course, you can equip Tailwind to hunt an opponent and run to the aid of an ally. However, we like to use Tailwind as an exit strategy in difficult situations.
Other special abilities:

  • Storm of Blades (X)
  • Downpour (C)
  • Rising current (Q)

12. Shave

Role: Duelist
What we like: Are you looking to make some noise? Showstopper (X) is the answer for Raze. Showstopper equips Raze with a rocket launcher that can be fired over a clear long range. Once the rocket makes contact, a massive explosion is triggered and enemies in the explosion area take severe damage.
Other special abilities:

  • B (Q)
  • Boom Bot (C)
  • Paint shells (E)

13. Skye

Role: Initiator
What we like: This Australian tough guy has a bunch of flaming beasts that get in the way of the enemy. Trailblazer (Q) allows Skye to equip a Tasmanian Tiger Trinket which, when fired, will leap forward and detonate in a concussive explosion – shocking and damaging enemies with a direct hit.
Other special abilities:

  • Guide light (E)
  • Repel (C)
  • Researchers (X)

14. Yoru

Role: Duelist
What we like: Japanese native Yoru can literally tear holes in reality to infiltrate enemy lines through alternate dimensions. You can’t be cooler than that, can you? This ability is called Dimensional Drift (X), which creates a mask that can see between dimensions – and, bonus, you can’t be seen by enemies outside of Yoru’s dimension.
Other special abilities:

  • Blind side (Q)
  • Door knock (E)
  • False (C)

15. Astra

Role: Controller
What we like: This agent “harnesses the energies of the cosmos to reshape the battlefields as he pleases.” With four abilities that put full mastery of Astral Form at your fingertips, there’s not much we don’t like about Astra.
Other special abilities:

  • Nova Pulse (A)
  • Nebula (E)
  • Gravity well (C)
  • Astral form / Cosmic division (X)

16. Kay / O

Role: Initiator
What We Love: Kay / O is the kind of character you want in the bunker with you when the shit hits the fan. Its advantage? It is about suppressing the abilities of his opponents, weakening them and making them much easier to overtake. Null / CMD (X), in particular, is very useful. It overloads Kay / O with polarized radianite energy, which sends out large pulses of energy from its location. Enemies caught in the path of these pulses are suppressed for a brief period.
Other special abilities:

  • Flash / Player (Q)
  • Zero / Point (E)
  • Frag / Ment (C)

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