Chase those scores with Gunkid 99 on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch


Inspired by the likes of Super Crate Box, and have done very well on Steam, Top Hat Studios gave Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch users the chance to become the Gunkid 99.

Available for purchase and download now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, Gunkid 99 is a fast-paced scorecard where you’ll do anything to rack up the numbers.

In fact, it’s this chase that is the main focus of Gunkid 99 as you weave your way through the arcade-style action, shooting at anything that moves. With weapon drops deployed at all times, allowing you to change your weapon of choice and over 30 delicately created handcrafted scenes offering greater challenge, there should be a lot to love about this Gunkid.

A game that promises endless replayability, tons of special abilities, and super smooth, highly responsive moves, we have our eyes set on these scores whenever we can. Once we do, there will be a full review on our part.

The main features of the game include:

  • Tight and fluid combat and movement. Double jump, wall-kick and dodge-roll out of danger.
  • Over 25 unique weapons to choose from.
  • Over 30 special abilities. Mix and match them for the ultimate combo.
  • Over 30 handcrafted stages, each with a different layout and combination of enemies that require different strategies to deal with.
  • In-depth combat customization with plenty of abilities and weapons at your disposal.
  • Infinite replayability. Improve your skills and compete for the highest score in the global leaderboards!

If you are sold, go to Xbox Store, PlayStation Store or Nintendo eShop to purchase Gunkid 99 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5 or Nintendo Switch. It’s also available on PC through Steam. Expect to pay around £ 5.79 – that seems like a bargain price.

If you’re not sold, give the trailer below a watch…

Description of the game:

Gunkid 99 is a fast and frenetic SCORE CHASER shoot’em up platformer inspired by Super Crate Box and arcade style games. The object of the game is to get as high a score as possible by collecting weapon drops throughout a race (and thus changing your weapon in the process). Unlock and play through many handcrafted stages in two modes, avoiding level dangers and fighting a unique variety of enemies in the garden. There are several handcrafted stages in 5 different chapters that unlock as you progress. Each stage has a different layout with its own set and combinations of enemies, so create your own unique playstyles and develop insane combos for each stage with the many weapons and abilities at your disposal. Devastate endless hordes of enemies and compete for the highest score with your friends or in the global leaderboards.

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