Control 2 Ability Upgrades Could Use Major Improvements

Remedy says it intends to develop a sequel to Controlwhich is exciting for various reasons. Control 2 presumably will continue the story of the original game, sending Jesse Faden on a new adventure tied to the Federal Bureau of Control mission; whether that means fighting off a second invasion from Hiss or encountering new paranatural threats, fans can’t wait to see where Jesse goes next. A Control The sequel would also be the perfect opportunity to improve upon the mechanics of the first game. Control stands out from other games on the market with challenging ranged combat and powerful psychic abilities, but there’s still room for improvement.


Perhaps the best area for mechanical improvement is Controlability upgrade system. As in many other games, Control featured a set of skill trees where players could spend ability points in order to increase Jesse’s health, stamina, and attack power. It’s always satisfying to watch a player’s character grow stronger, but ControlThe systems are so simple that they leave a lot to be desired. The sequel is expected to introduce a more nuanced and engaging web of purchasable upgrades that encourage deeper thinking about resource usage and allow players to build clearer builds.

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Improvements to Control’s original abilities

Jesse has many facets that players can improve on. Ability points can take a while to build up, so players will likely want to focus on abilities like Throw and Shield one at a time in order to level them up more optimally. It’s not hard to feel the difference in Jesse’s strength after buying these upgrades, but in a way, that’s their fatal flaw. The most of ControlJesse’s ability upgrades simply increase Jesse’s damage or combat resources by a certain percentage. While the extra survivability or DPS is easy to notice in Controlbrutal combat, these repetitive upgrades can get boring after a while.

Control features some notable upgrades that give Jesse new abilities. For example, Jesse can spend points to learn a new Ground Slam attack using the Levitate ability, learn how to manipulate and throw a wide range of new objects with the Throw ability, and more. However, these fun new unlocks are the exception rather than the norm. After unlocking Ground Slam, players can simply upgrade its damage, rather than learning new air attacks, and most other special upgrades just modify an existing ability, rather than teaching Jesse something new. . This handful of tricks may have been enough to deal with the hiss, but Jesse deserves more.

How Control 2 can upgrade upgrades

Remedy Entertainment should turn to Guerrilla Games to think about how to change Control 2leveling mechanics. Guerrilla Star Title Horizon Zero Dawn has been criticized for its somewhat linear skill progression, but Forbidden Horizon West reinvented skill trees to give fans much more diverse upgrade choices and better flexibility. Ideally, Control 2 will do the same. Rather than asking fans to settle for a few lines of monotonous damage upgrades, Control 2 needs branching upgrade paths that inspire creative builds and teach Jesse more meaningful lessons.

There are many ways Control 2Ability upgrades could improve gameplay. For example, skill trees could add new melee attacks to the service weapon, inspiring Jesse to use his signature weaponry in creative new ways. Established abilities also deserve creative new uses; maybe Jesse can learn to build stationary cover with the Shield ability, rather than moving with it all the time, or maybe she can learn a less taxing variant of Sixteen that briefly stuns an enemy, rather than to take control of him. Any abilities like these would do Control 2The ability upgrades are far more significant than those found in the first game. While that means taking the game in a bit more of an RPG direction, ControlRemedy’s skill trees should be highly appreciated.

A sequel to Control is in development.

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