Cyclops’ daughter finally solved the only problem with her powers

In an alternate reality within the Marvel Multiverse, Cyclops and Emma Frost had a daughter who solves the only problem with Cyclops’ mutant powers.

In a dark corner of the Marvel Comics multiverse, Cyclops has a daughter with Emma Frost who eventually solved the only problem with her mutant powers. Cyclops has the power to fire concussive blasts from his eyes, red beams of raw energy from another dimension that he is able to channel. Unfortunately, due to a head injury followed by a psychosomatic fear of his own abilities, Cyclops has no control over his power and must wear a visor or special goggles in order to use his eyes without decimating everything in his field of vision. With the birth of her daughter, however, this problem is resolved and she is able to wield her awesome power without any of the negative side effects.


Ruby Summers is the daughter of Cyclops and Emma Frost on Earth-1191 and made her first Marvel Comics appearance in X-Factor Special: Layla Miller by Peter David and Valentine De Landro. In the issue, fans are introduced to a desolate future in the Marvel Multiverse during which the Sentinels have taken over with mutants everywhere herded into concentration camps. Ruby is part of the Rebel forces that take a stand against the Sentinels, a series of epic, action-packed events that showcase her awesome powers to the fullest.

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Ruby Summers has a combination of her parents’ powers as she inherited Cyclops’ optic blasts and a diamond skin-like power from Emma Frost. Ruby, as her name suggests, can create an impenetrable shell of ruby ​​skin similar to her mother. Additionally, Summers has an enhanced version of her father’s powers as she can control when to activate and deactivate her explosions, unlike Cyclops whose eyes are still potentially lethal.

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Ruby Summers is the perfect living example of the evolutionary superiority of mutantkind. Obviously her powers are better than Cyclops since she can completely control them, but she also has an enhanced version of Emma Frost’s diamond skin ability. Whenever Ruby is in her ruby ​​form, she is immune to the aging process and is technically immortal as she does not need food or water in this form as well. Ruby is a more evolved mutant than her parents, just as Emma and Cyclops were more evolved human forms, and as such she is a living example of the continuing trend of the homo-superior’s unlimited evolutionary abilities.

Along with her controlling ability to fire concussive blasts out of her eyes on command and enveloping herself in impenetrable ruby ​​skin that makes her basically immortal, Ruby also inherited her mother’s awesome strength. Like Emma Frost in her diamond form, Ruby can lift around two tons, making her an incredibly powerful force for long-range and melee attacks. Cyclops‘ her daughter has finally solved the only problem with her powers which is only one aspect of the superior mutant abilities.

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