DC defeats Marvel Zombies for most powerful undead superhero


Although the Marvel Zombies are the most popular zombified heroes, the Black Lanterns of Blackest Night are much more powerful.

Apart from the hordes of undead titular Image Comics’ The walking dead, Marvel zombies are arguably the most well-known undead creatures in the comics. The macabre Zombieverse, where Marvel’s superheroes succumbed to an extra-dimensional zombie virus, first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four # 22 (by Mark Millar, Greg Land, Matt Ryan and Justin Ponsor), and has since spawned a successful spin-off franchise consisting of multiple series and many related comics.

Several years later Marvel zombies debuted, DC Comics kicked off a very similar crossover event inspired by zombies, Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis Blackest nightIn which the villain cosmic Nekron uses Black Lantern rings to revive superheroes deceased as lanterns black like zombies. Although the Black Lanterns have not become as popular as botnets of Earth-2149, DC zombies easily surpass those of Marvel in terms of power, durability and overall fear factor.

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Born from the primordial darkness that encompassed the universe in response to the emergence of light, Nekron is a being of pure death intrinsically linked to the emotional electromagnetic spectrum, the energy field that empowers the various cultures of lanterns. Seeking to bring the world to a state of nothingness lifeless Nekron creates a central black battery pack from the body of the Anti-Monitor then died and began to create a body to make war to life itself same. With the power and raw material supplied by the battery, Nekron creates a swarm of black lantern rings, which scatter throughout the universe. When a ring attaches to a corpse, the deceased is revived as a black lantern.

While the way they were created is drastically different, there are many similarities between Marvel’s zombies and the Black Lanterns. Zombies and Black Lanterns retain abilities and skills they had when they were alive, which they can use against the living. Each undead race can also speak (although this particular ability was noticeably absent when Marvel Zombies first appeared in the Disney + series. What if…?). This allows them both to manipulate their still-living prey by taking advantage of their emotions. Having lost all empathy they had in life, Marvel Zombies and Black Lanterns are ready to cruelly abusing the feelings of their victims to lure them into traps or divert their attention.

However, the Black Lanterns have an advantage over the Marvel Zombies when it comes to their impressive durability. Although Marvel zombified heroes retain most of the capabilities of their living, the initial infection often clears all healing capabilities that the host could possess. However, the Black Power Rings that drive the Black Lanterns are actively working to keep the body of their entire host, preventing the body from decomposing more actively repairing the damage sustained. The only way to destroy a Black Lantern is destroying his Black Power Ring, and it is much easier said than done, since the rings are immunized against most forms of damage and can not be truly destroyed only by the light of the opposing White Lantern. Rings.

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In contrast, Marvel Zombies are much more fragile thanks to the degenerative nature of the virus that created them. Even though they possessed increased durability in life, their decaying bodies can easily be damaged by most conventional weapons. To make matters worse, the Black Lanterns also have access to the abilities of the Black Power Ring, which includes the ability to create hard light constructs. With the ability to craft any weapon they can imagine, the Black Lanterns could easily destroy any Marvel Zombie they encountered.

Ultimately, the Black Lanterns have a noticeable advantage over the Marvel Zombies thanks to their improved durability and superior arsenals. If the two undead scourge had come to blows, we can say without risk of error that the Black Lantern Corps would be able to finally put the old Marvel superheroes in the ground.

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