DC: The 10 Strongest Monsters In Comics

Whether they were born like this or their natures transformed, there are many monsters in the DC Universe whose power is unchecked. Most of them exist in the dark, far from the common eye, saving humanity from facing the horror of their existence.

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Some of them are bad, some are not. Some of them are doing all they can to survive in the world, while others are looking to create as much chaos as possible around them. In any case, all these monsters have one thing in common: they are almost invincible in combat.

ten King Shark’s Teeth Can Go Through Anything

King Shark flees with an explosion of blood

Also known as Nanaue, King Shark is an anthropomorphic shark whose father is the shark god. This means that it is not a mutation or an evolution, but a different species in its own right. As a villain, he belonged to different groups, such as the Manchester Black Legion of Villains and the Alexander Luthor Secret Society of Villains.

While King Shark’s monstrous nature is not as evil as the rest, he is still one of the strongest. Not only can he live on land and water, he is also very fast and he can regenerate his body tissues. Its claws and teeth are so powerful that it can pierce Kryptonian skin.

9 Trigon is the embodiment of pure evil

Deceased Trigon

Trigon is a powerful demon who possesses all kinds of realitybending abilities, such as chronokinesis and telekinesis. On top of that, he can open wormholes to other realities and he is a telepath. Although he does not usually show his abilities like the granted sin, he has bestowed this ability on his sons, which leads many to believe that he can, too.

While Trigon’s advantages in a fight are more often found in his superpowers than in his physical strength, he also possesses superhuman strength and durability, which means he is not an easy foe to defeat, as often shows it Teen Titans comic books.

8 Killer Croc was not born a monster

Batman Killer crocodile with chains in a sewer

Waylon Jones was not born a monster. He is a human who suffers from atavism, a genetic disease that gives him reptilian traits. Raised by his abusive aunt, who traumatized him, Waylon never had much luck being a good person.

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Among the abilities that this disorder gave him, Waylon received super speed, super endurance and most importantly, super strength. His skin is almost impenetrable, which makes him a powerful foe. Killer Croc is not a villain, but a villain for whom readers can feel great sadness.

seven Starro could conquer Earth in no time with his clones

Starro’s greatest strength is his ability to reproduce asexually in order to create clones of himself which he then telepathically commands. These clones, which look like ordinary starfish, attach themselves to a host’s face, controlling it. For this reason, while Starro is a strong creature on her own, her parasitic nature is what makes her unstoppable.

This gigantic alien starfish first arrived on Earth in search of a planet to conquer, but was defeated by the Justice League using quicklime, its greatest weakness. Regardless, he’s returned multiple times and can be considered one of the greatest space threats DC heroes have ever faced. Cinephiles can see Starro in The suicide squad.

6 Karaqan isn’t always the bad guy

Karaqan DC Aquaman

Heavily inspired by the Kraken and the many forms of the Leviathan, Karaqan is an aquatic creature that looks a bit like a giant anthropomorphic squid mixed with a crustacean. He’s super strong and practically immortal. On top of that, he can live on land or water, which gives him an advantage over many superheroes.

Lucky for them, Karaqan isn’t necessarily a villain. While this creature is constantly portrayed as an enemy of Aquaman and a beast ready to destroy entire cities, he is also known as a temporary protector of the city of Atlantis.

5 Parallax’s worst fear is willpower

Parallax is a dragon-like creature who embodies the force of fear itself. Because of this, it is bright yellow, like the Sinestro Corps, to which it belongs. Since fear is its main energy, Parallax has powers of fear that can only be nullified if one can bring his own fears under control.

Its only weakness is willpower because it can overcome fear. This means the Green Lanterns are the only properly qualified DC Heroes to defeat him. However, thanks to its parasitic nature, it can also take them under its control.

4 The monsters of the trench evolved in the depths of the ocean

Aquaman Trench Head

The Trenches are a villainous race that coexists with the Atlanteans in the ocean. As there is not much food in their area, its members are no strangers to cannibalism and they only obey their own needs. Part of the Atlantean Kingdoms, the monsters in the trench can live underwater.

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Creatures in the trenches have adapted to survive in harsh conditions on the ocean floor, so they can generate bioluminescent light and also possess strong teeth and razor-sharp claws. These monsters are clearly inspired by the animals that exist in the hadalpelagic zone, the deepest region of the ocean.

3 Gorilla Grodd has mind control abilities

Flash-Gorilla-Grodd II

Gorilla Grodd has been one of The Flash’s main villains since his first appearance in the 1960s. He’s a super intelligent gorilla who possesses psionic abilities thanks to his exposure to radiation from a meteorite that crashed into the area. African woman he called home. Here he created a town of gorillas who lived in peace until his discovery.

As well as being even stronger than many ordinary gorillas, Grodd can control the minds of others and even transfer his own consciousness to other beings. He also shows telekinetic abilities and more recently he got super speed from The Light which made him even more dangerous for The Flash.

2 The swamp thing can control nature

There are many versions of Swamp Thing, but one of the most popular is Alec Holland, a scientist working on a biological formula that could solve world hunger, who is affected after a bomb explodes in his lab. . At this moment, his body, covered with the formula of his own creation, transforms into this creature made of a plant substance.

Like Swamp Thing, Alec is able to control all type of plant life inside and outside of planet Earth, and he can transfer his own consciousness into nature. Plus, he has super strength, but he doesn’t use it as often as other monsters in the DC Universe. Although he looks very scary, he is a good-natured creature.

1 Doomsday is the only one who killed Superman

Doomsday takes on Superman.

Known as the only one capable of killing Superman in battle, Doomsday is arguably the most powerful monster in the DC Universe. He is a prehistoric creature from Krypton whose only feelings are hatred and the desire for destruction. Doomsday traveled through space wreaking havoc everywhere until he found Earth, the only planet with Kryptonians.

In addition to sharing Kryptonian powers under a yellow sun with Superman, Doomsday has an accelerated healing factor and the ability to absorb the vital power of others, using a poisonous spore emitted from his own body that turns anyone into an iteration of itself. This element is so toxic that even Superman cannot stand it.

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