Destiny 2 Reveals Arc 3.0 Details, New Super Abilities

As Destiny 2With Haunted Season coming to an end, the playerbase eagerly awaits concrete news on Bungie’s plans for its next major subclass overhaul: Arc 3.0. The latest Light ability subclass to receive its upgrade in the game’s much more customizable new ability system, virtually nothing was known about Arc 3.0 until now, and many believed nothing substantial would be revealed. on the final redesign until its launch.


Destiny 2 gets a head start this time around with a detailed look at some of the biggest changes coming August 23rd, some of which were expected, while others may yet prove downright unprecedented. The latest blog post reveals information about new Arc 3.0 super abilities, shards, and more, as well as the general idea of ​​what Bungie is trying to accomplish here.

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Although Bungie revealed a series of Destiny 2 Already season 18 weapon enthusiasts, the studio’s new Arc 3.0 blog post successfully eclipses much of its previous communication about the game’s next big content drop. According to the developers, Arc 3.0 is all about going fast, and the new buff – Amplified – passively increases the speed, weapon handling and agility of Guardians at all levels. This approach is further emphasized with the Blind and Jolt debuffs, in which the former slows and blinds affected enemies, while the latter chains lightning between them, dealing damage along the way.

Arcstrider Hunters are going to keep their combat staff, but they’re also getting the Gathering Storm Super, which lets them throw their spear at an enemy to deal area-of-effect damage over a longer period of time. Warlocks will retain Chaos Reach and Stormtrance Supers, which will be even spicier with the addition of the Chain Lightning melee attack. Finally, the Titans get upgraded Fists of Havoc and the Thundercrash, along with the Thruster dash ability that looks suspiciously like the one that caused Destiny 2The Twilight Garrison stalking incident.

The three classes also have a choice of three major aspects, each specializing in a particular aspect of Arc 3.0. These apparently meet many gamer expectations for Destiny 2The redesign of the Arc 3.0, as they seem to offer more customization options and features than the Arc 3.0 has ever offered before, while apparently retaining all of the previously available perks of the subclass.

The Arc 3.0 redesign was inspired by media such as A punch and Jason Statham Crank 2: High voltageaccording Fate designer Mike Humbolt, as the subclass is meant to keep pushing players towards enemies to continuously refresh their buffs and deal damage. Generally speaking, Bungie has wisely avoided any reference to the recent green Destiny 2 subclass leak, but that was to be expected.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Bungie

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