Diablo 2: Risen – How to Beat Duriel (Boss Guide)


Duriel is one of the toughest bosses in Diablo 2: Resurrected as players will encounter him in a small space as a low level character.

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Diablo 2: resurrected is an adventurous RPG game with character customization, cooperative gameplay and intense combat with several powerful bosses. There are hordes of enemies and challenging boss fights that require players to pay close attention to their stats and skills. All of the character classes in the game can be built to deal maximum damage, which makes combat much easier.

RPG games are known to have some of the toughest video game bosses, and Diablo 2: resurrected is no different. In Act II, Duriel is the final boss and he possesses several skills that make him a tough opponent for any player. Fortunately, there are a few strategies players can use to deal a lot of damage and ensure victory.

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Duriel, Lord of Pain, is the final boss of Act II, and he can be a challenge for anyone Diablo 2: resurrected to classify. The problem is that players will have to fight Duriel at the start of the game with a relatively low level character. Since players will not be able to achieve a high level build before facing it, they will have to fight strategically. The arena where he fought is also very small, which means his attacks are not easy to avoid. In order to beat him, players must identify his moves and understand his weaknesses.

How to beat Duriel in Diablo 2: Risen

Resurrected Diablo 2 - Duriel Fight

Duriel is Andariel’s brother and one of the toughest bosses in Diablo 2: resurrected. Players will meet him at the end of Act II in Tal Rasha’s chamber, accessible using the Horadric Staff. Duriel’s attacks can be difficult to dodge, especially in the first game, and players won’t have much leeway. There are a few attacks and abilities to look out for: Duriel can freeze players on contact, strike quickly with back-to-back slashes, and perform a knockback that stuns the player. There are ways to counter Duriel’s skills, and certain classes can exploit his weaknesses.

There are a few useful tactics to beat Duriel. First, players should make sure to create a city portal in case a quick getaway is needed. Using fire, cold, lightning, or poison abilities will work well against Duriel, but his resistance will increase for each level of difficulty. The Necromancer’s Bone Prison and Assassin’s Speed ​​Blast abilities are useful in dodging Duriel’s melee attacks. It is also recommended to have Barbarian or Paladin in the party if possible; the Paladin will have healing abilities and the Barbarian can unleash powerful melee attacks. The last thing to do before facing Duriel is to upgrade a Cold Resistance skill or refuel on Defrost Potions in order to counter his freezing ability.

While it’s easier to beat Duriel in a group, it is possible to take him out solo. Players should avoid getting too close to it except for melee attacks and be careful with its charge and freeze abilities. Players must use skills that allow them to dodge and elemental abilities to exploit Duriel’s weaknesses. Duriel is one of the toughest bosses in Diablo 2: resurrected, and understanding his abilities is essential to beat him.

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Diablo 2: resurrected is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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