Diesel hits a century in Bengaluru, gasoline priced at Rs 109.1 per liter | Bangalore News


BENGALURU: After Mumbai and Hyderabad, Bengaluru has become the third metropolitan city in the country where the price of diesel has exceeded 100 rupees.
Diesel prices in the city hit a record high of Rs 100 / liter, dropping from Rs 64.4 / liter in March 2020, an increase of Rs 35.6 in 19 months. Meanwhile, the price of gasoline was Rs 109.1 / liter here on Saturday.
On Saturday, a liter of diesel costs Rs 102.8 in Hyderabad, Rs 102.1 in Mumbai, Rs 98.6 in Chennai, Rs 97.3 in Kolkata and Rs 94.2 in New Delhi.
In Karnataka, the price of diesel is over Rs 101 per liter in districts like Bellari, Chitradurga, Davangere, Kodagu, Koppal, Shivamogga and Yadgir.
The WTO reviews fuel prices on a daily basis based on world prices for refined products and the dollar exchange rate. Fuel prices are also determined by transportation and refining costs, profit margins of petroleum marketing companies, dealer commissions, central duties such as excise duties, and state duties such as VAT and tax. ‘other taxes.
Truck drivers said rising diesel prices will cause prices for both essential and non-essentials to skyrocket, especially during festival season. Many taxi and bus drivers as well as state transport companies (STUs) also face a bleak future.

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