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Delhi University of Skills and Entrepreneurship

As Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University prepares to virtually open its doors to students, its Vice-Chancellor Neharika Vohra said the university’s goal is not only to teach on a subject, but also to make students highly qualified. The university, established by the Delhi government in 2020, has virtual labs so students don’t miss hands-on practice amid the pandemic. Experts from IITs and IIITs are members of the university’s curriculum advisory groups and provide input into course design, Vohra told PTI in an interview.

“We worked with the industry to first find out which positions they can’t find talent for. For example, if a BA or B.Com graduate joins a bank, they are sent for training for one and one. “Half years. But we have a course that will help the students to reach a bachelor’s level and all the knowledge around the financial industry like insurance,” she said.

Elaborating on the design of the program, she said there is an advisory group on the program that has known academics in the field and faculty members from the university. University faculty members spent over 1,000 hours designing the program while academic experts saved nearly 1,800 hours, meaning that a total of 3,000 hours were spent delivering the “up to date” and “industry ready” program.

All of these are aimed at ensuring that students get a good degree, she said. In addition to classes, students will learn employability skills such as English language, etiquette, critical thinking, etc.

“Each committee has four to five months to do it. We started from February and by the time the classes start we will be ready with the program,” she said. The VC said seats will be filled once the results of Classes 10 and 12 are declared.

“Currently, students are visiting us to learn more about the university and some of them are also filling out registration forms. We see 30,000 visitors to our website daily. At least 5,000 registration forms have been completed. been completed while 16,000 students have started the registration process but not completed, ”she added.

“My vision for the university is that it is a place where people will come and they will get deep skills in whatever field they choose. They will do well in it. They will learn to do well enough to excel. in their work or their entrepreneurship. The idea is not only to learn a subject, but also to acquire skills. Our courses will be composed of 60% of practice and 40% of theory “, she added .

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