DVIDS – News – Executive Seminar Highlights Operational Necessity of Knowledge Management

FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — Soldiers from Mission Command Training Program Operations Group A participate in an Army Knowledge Management (KM) Program Senior Leadership Seminar at Fort Leavenworth, Feb. 9, 2022.

It was led by military analyst Dave Van Laar and army KM program concept and doctrine chief Michael Kitchens.

The MCTP is the Army’s deployable combat training center that supports high-level commands and personnel during combat exercises. As a central part of mission command and command and control, MCTP Observer-Coach-Trainers (OC/T) pay close attention to the CM processes of training audiences.

Knowledge management is the number one thing that impacts situational awareness, their common operating picture, and the transition from data to information and information to knowledge,” said Colonel Robert Molinari, operations group chief AT.

Army doctrine defines KM as the process by which knowledge flows through an organization.

“When knowledge management is done correctly, it creates shared understanding and improves learning and decision-making,” Van Laar said.

Technology such as cloud-based platforms is a key aspect of KM, making it easier to access, share and even automate information. Yet some of the most critical components are the processes and the people involved.

“Everyone in all combat functions is involved in one way or another to try to ensure information flows in a concise format, especially when things change from hour to hour,” said said Molinari.

The Army Knowledge Management curriculum and doctrine continues to evolve to keep pace with technology modernizations and changes to organizations and expected operating environments.

Van Laar and Kitchens said their Mission Command Center of Excellence team is updating KM doctrine to incorporate guidance related to modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.
The updates also include more practical instructions to help staff launch their programs and maximize the potential of KM for organizations and operations.

“We visited about 30 command posts and realized that some of the things we need to build into the next Army Tech release include how to create a KM program, how to support interoperability, and then how to sustain them” , said Kitchens. .

Molinari emphasized organizational buy-in as a critical factor in the success of KM programs. “KM needs to be socialized outside of G6 (communications) channels.”

“If top leaders don’t get on board, then knowledge management is just a doctrinally correct concept that everyone knows is important but isn’t paid attention to.”

Units interested in KM training can contact seminar instructors at (913) 684-6819/9460. You can also find more information on the Army Knowledge Management Promoter webpage.

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