DVIDS – News – Ground Safety for Marines arrives at MCAS Iwakuni

Every day presents dangers and circumstances that can increase the risk of an accident. For Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, these dangers are the most prevalent around the airfield and the port. Long working hours, night shifts, and heavy machinery all increase the risk of accidents in the workplace.
On November 29, 2021, MCAS Iwakuni Station Security Center launched its first local ground security course for Marines.
The two-week course, focused on Command Training and Education (TECOM), increases safety by providing occupational safety and health (OHS) training to military and civilian personnel assigned to duties at full-time or collateral in terms of ground safety.
“This course is the first step in building a stronger safety culture at MCAS Iwakuni,” said Dennis Gamad, the course host for the air station. “Leaders, from non-commissioned officers to officers, set the tone for security in their respective organizations and emphasize its importance”
The course provides personnel appointed as managers and ground safety officers with basic concepts and techniques for managing Marine Corps OSH programs at the unit level. Each command must have an appointed ground safety officer or officer, and at a minimum, they must complete the GSM course within 90 days of their appointment. The OSH programs covered in the course include safety topics such as industrial hygiene, recognition of workplace hazards, safety assessment and risk management.
Hosting the course at the air station eliminates the need to send personnel elsewhere for training and makes it even easier to maintain a safe environment at the facility, Gamad said. To establish the TECOM-funded course at MCAS Iwakuni, a number of resources and collaborative efforts from the management of the Station Safety Center and other safety offices, including the Marine Corps Installations Command Safety office which made a donation of $ 30,000 were needed.
“This course is just one piece,” Gamad said. “Leaders set the tone for security and must stress the importance of integrating it into their mission”

Date taken: 29.11.2021
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