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NORFOLK, Va. (August 25, 2022) — Three Military Sealift Command civilian crewmates and three supervisors recently participated in MSC’s Civilian Rotational Training Opportunity (CRTO) program.

MSC’s ORTO program provides a formal process for civilian teammates to gain professional knowledge and development through temporary assignment to positions outside of their normal employment.

“The CRTO program enhances the personal, professional and organizational growth of employees,” said Mike Kishbaugh, director of MSC’s Human Resources Training Administration Branch. “These opportunities increase institutional knowledge transfer and information retention, foster continuous learning and development, and create organizational culture continuity.”

“The CRTO is a unique opportunity that can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual, added Kishbaugh.” CRTO is a win-win-win program where the individual, host department, and command all win by sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, thereby increasing understanding across and across command.

The following MSC teammates and supervisors have recently participated in MSC’s CRTO program:


Maria Spikes (served with MSC Europe and Africa, Naples)
Tanya Delpriore (served with N8)
Perry Corbett (served with N7)

Supervisors who hosted the CRTO

Thomas Giudice (MSCEURAF hosted MSC’s first CRTO Maria Spikes)
Chellsia Broughton-Ford (hosted by Tanya Delpriore)
Steven Midas (N7 hosts Perry Corbett)

Perry Corbett, MSC Occupational Safety and Health Specialist/Manager and recent CRTO program participant, provided an overview of his experience with temporary job rotation.

“During my CRTO rotation, I was responsible for assisting Branch Managers within the MSC Ship Material and Readiness Testing (SMART) Program, MSC Environmental Protection, Damage Control Programs and MSC Safety Management System (SMS) Program “, according to Corbett. “My main reason for taking advantage of the MSC CRTO was to broaden my tunnel vision of the other roles shore-based employees provide to assist the fleet as they serve combatants and other customers.”

“This experience has not only broadened my knowledge, but has given me an understanding of other functions related to ship preparation,” added Corbett. “This opportunity also provided me with a period to step away from day-to-day security duties and allowed me to experience the approach and styles of other supervisors/managers to achieve departmental and MSC goals in a positive manner. .”

Michele Sandifer, SMC Human Resources Specialist, provided guidelines to command teammates regarding OTRC.

“CRTOs should be no longer than 120 days, but many can be arranged in shorter timeframes, such as 3-4 weeks, or even part-time, such as 1-2 days a week,” Sandifer said. “ORTOs are open to MSC permanent General Schedule (GS) civilian employees and external federal employees on rotation within MSC.”

“Applicants must have at least one year of service with MSC,” Sandifer added. “Candidates’ final performance mark must be fully passed (or equivalent) or higher. Rotational training opportunities should not involve performing higher-level tasks that would constitute a promotion. »

Sandifer asked MSC teammates interested in participating in the CRTO program to start the process by talking with their supervisor. They will need to complete and submit a CRTO and SF-182 application form and submit the documents to their supervisor.

For more information about MSC’s CRTO program, please contact Michele Sandifer at [email protected] or call (757) 341-6507.

MSC supports opportunities for civilian General Annex (GS) employees to rotate to other MSC positions or external federal agencies, with chain of command approval, and to provide guidance to assist external federal employees on rotation within MSC to improve individual and organizational performance. This is done in order to support the objectives of the Chief of Naval Operations and MSC, and to provide a mission-ready workforce by developing and retaining highly skilled employees to meet current and anticipated performance requirements. essential to maintaining optimal preparedness.

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