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She was nervous, she said, but excited.

McMillan dresses neatly and his face has a confident complexion. She speaks articulate. Obviously, knowledge is something she takes seriously and enjoys learning.

McMillan applied to be on Jeopardy! in the spring of 2020. It was right after Alex Trebek announced he had cancer.

“I wanted to be there with Alex Trebek,” she said. “On top of that, no one knew if the show would continue after he left.”

McMillan passed the first round of applications, but she said the process was long. A few other waves of applications and testing have taken place over time. In November 2020, McMillan learned that Trebek had passed away.

“It was very sad news to hear,” she said. “Alex was someone who was with people almost every night.”

Ultimately, McMillan was successful and was selected to be a part of the show.
McMillan discovered that Dr Oz would be the guest host. It was also Oz’s first time on the show.

When her game started, she blew up the competition. By the time he got to Final Jeopardy !, McMillan had a huge lead. Best of all, the final answer suited her knowledge perfectly, she said.

The answer was linked to one of his passions: national parks.

She beat her competition and moved on to the next show.

Sadly, the next show ended her time on Jeopardy !, but she said it was rewarding nonetheless.

“My most disappointing thing wasn’t losing,” she said. “It wasn’t to be able to see Alex.”

McMillan said she has always had a knack for trivia. She did well in school and studied journalism at university.

It wasn’t until she was working as a journalist for a newspaper that she realized she wanted to do more.

In 2014, she decided to put her knowledge to the service of the army.

She enlisted and chose to be a cryptology linguist. She said that a linguist is a very difficult profession. After two and a half years of military studies, he is fluent in Arabic.

“The army didn’t necessarily help me while I was on Jeopardy! She said. “It gave me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge, however.”
She said, however, that her ability to retain her knowledge has helped her excel in both fields.

“There is a parallel you see with military training,” she said.
She mentioned that she had to attend hours of military classes, just trying to maintain her knowledge.

“Whatever situation you find yourself in, you have to be able to absorb an information fire hose,” McMillan said. “You have to know how to adapt.

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