Every Pokémon Unite character pissed off in the latest update (and why)


The latest Pokémon Unite patch nerfed two defenders, Slowbro and Snorlax, as well as the ranged attacker, Greninja, to make way for new Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite The latest patch was introduced to the game on August 18, and looked to establish a more forgiving power distribution in the roster. The addition of Gardevoir and Blissey made these nerves inevitable, as MOBAs will often adjust power levels for the launch of new characters. The upcoming release of more Pokémon ensures that more fixes will arrive in the future. While some Pokemon unite characters received buffs that brought them up to player expectations, others were less fortunate and suffered serious nerfs from their overall powers and kits.

Since Pokémon Unite out, several Pokémon are way ahead of their competition in terms of power level. Patch 8.16 sought to remedy this with several buffs and nerfs for members of the Pokemon unite listing. While many characters have not been affected, several popular Pokémon have undergone ability balances or complete revamps to their kits.

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The biggest victim of this update was Pokémon Unite Defenders, whose huge health bars and lasting abilities make this an intimidating fight in most situations. Snorlax, undoubtedly one of the Pokemon uniteThe most popular advocates of, have seen the majority of their abilities nerfed. Heavy Slam, one of Snorlax’s attacks, has had its damage done to opposing Pokémon decreased. Block, an ability frequently used to restrict the movement of enemy teams, has also had its overall duration decreased. As a final blow to the famous Defender’s kit, Snorlax’s Unite Move ‘Power Nap’ saw its overall HP recovery diminished.

Pokémon Unite’s Snorlax wasn’t the only nervous defender

Pokémon Unite Team

Another from Pokémon Unite The defenders were also nerfed. Slowbro, while not as badly beaten by the various changes in patch 8.16, still received a nerf to one of his abilities. Surfing was a particularly useful directional attack that slowed down opposing Pokémon caught in its waves. Skilled players could use this ability to help their teammates win fights. Unfortunately, Surf has had its Slow effect duration on opposing Pokémon reduced. Players will likely have to adapt new strategies in response to this change.

Greninja is a naturally popular choice in Pokemon unite, both because of its status as the main Pokémon in the anime and because of its aesthetic and design. Despite its popularity in both Unite and the Pokemon fandom, he couldn’t escape an inevitable nerf. Greninja once boasted an elaborate set of abilities to misdirect opponents, but now players will need to execute their plans much faster. Smoke Screen, a move often used to blind and confuse enemy Pokémon, has had its cooldown increased. This could seriously threaten one of Greninja’s many escape tactics that have become so effective during the game.

Continuous balancing of characters on the MOBA roster is vital for Pokémon Unite longevity. As Pokemon unite hosts Blastoise, Sylveon, Mamoswine and more in the future, these fixes will be needed to keep matches fun for everyone. Thankfully, it looks like many Pokémon have been spared severe rebalances or complete rework, although that may be a possibility in the future. For the moment, Pokemon unite fans can take advantage of Blissey as the latest addition to the game and start adjusting to the different character nerves inflicted by the latest patch.

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