Firestarter Remake trailer downplays key element of Stephen King’s novel

Firestarter is the latest Stephen King story to get a new movie. But the trailer doesn’t mention an important factor regarding the film’s parents.

Stephen King is best known for creating stories that can fulfill people’s nightmares or transport them to worlds they could never have imagined. However, there are also stories that are unlike anything he’s ever done before and even venture into entirely new genres. A good example of this can be seen with a series of books like The dark towerbut there is also his 1980 bestselling novel Fire starter. Since its release, a movie was released in 1984, but now a brand new remake is about to be released that seems to be even more faithful to King’s classic.

While the main focus of the story is on its main character, Charlie, his parents play an equally important role in the story. However, the trailer for the new movie seems to downplay their powers which helped Charlie survive while on the run. For now, it’s unclear whether or not this aspect will be explored in the film, but there’s no denying the importance of Charlie’s parents’ abilities and their eventual impact on her and her journey through the book and movies. .

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What is Stephen King’s Firestarter about?

In Fire starter, Charlie is a young girl with powerful pyrokinetic abilities. Along with their mother and father, the trio travel from town to town while avoiding a government organization known as “The Shop”. The agency seeks to take Charlie and study his abilities, which manifest differently from those of his parents in the book. But what makes the story grounded in horror is the destructive potential that lies within Charlie.

The 2022 remake seeks to retain those same elements of the original story, with a slight shift in focus with both Charlie and his father, Andy. While her mother is present, she seems to have a diminished presence as the family tries to escape “The Shop”. The trailer for the film also states that Charlie is the first of its kind, which goes against the book’s original explanation that she is actually the offspring of superpowered people. However, clarification of the statement may come from how his parents and Charlie got their abilities.

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Charlie’s parents also have powers in Firestarter

In the book, Charlie’s parents participate in an experiment with “The Shop” to try an experimental drug known as “Lot 6”. The effects eventually changed her parents and gave her father, Andy, powers of persuasion known as Push, and her mother, Victoria, mild telekinetic powers. Together, the two even share limited telepathy due to their strong bond. However, every time they use their powers there are side effects, like Andy getting migraines. That said, Charlie has had no side effects since she was born with her abilities.

The novel shows how Andy uses his skills and abilities to keep his daughter safe. Although the trailer doesn’t show that he or his wife have any powers, it does show that he will do anything to keep his family safe. Therefore, minimizing their abilities could mean that they exist but are not as important as before. However, it could also mean that their powers will come as a surprise and help explain how they’ve lived on the run for so long.

To see how the powers of the parents come into play, Firestarter hits theaters and Peacock on May 13.

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