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Arizona’s elected far-right radicals are making headlines. Can you identify them? Test your knowledge of our state’s craziest politicians with our reader quiz.

Extremists in Arizona are as common as _____.

A lawsuit alleges that Congressman Andy Biggs, Congressman Paul Gosar, and State Rep. Mark Finchem are unfit to run for re-election because they are _____.

When Gosar was a dentist, he _____.

refused to treat premolars for reasons of religious freedom

cheered on all the bad times in “Marathon Man”

People also read…

was a vocal “Birther”

asked the National Dental Association to investigate Hermey, the misfit elf

Gosar recently said that Putin should _____.

floss after every stroganoff

Gosar promoted, then disavowed _____.

associating with an extremist group on Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Trump’s nickname for Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs is _____.

My Insurgent Big Boy

took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution”

took an oath to “preserve, protect and defend Donald Trump”

voted against Russia’s sanction

were a comedy duo on “Hee Haw” in the 70s

Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem says he left the Jan. 6 insurrection without ____.

Mike Pence’s head on a spike

dance the night away with Ginny Thomas at the insurgent ball

Oathkeeper Finchem asserts _____.

Trump won the 2020 election

ISIS planted anthrax in his mustache wax

our Constitution is under attack by mold spores developed by the Deep State in collaboration with Al-Qaeda, HBO and its HOA

The Oathkeepers believe that the primary law enforcement authority in the United States is _____.

all the cast of “Reno 911”

Trump has endorsed Finchem to be Arizona’s next _____.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers represents _____.

Trump endorsed Rogers at a rally in Arizona calling him _____.

Rogers called for the imprisonment and execution of _____.

all wood gnomes named “Chomsky”

The former Rogers driver is a member of _____.

the Mogollon Rim Luftwaffe

Chuck Wagon and wheels

Rogers says we need to build more gallows because _____.

Arizona has a dire shortage of gallows

Cranes don’t feel like they’re in the romantic ‘old west’

Hang-A-Traitor-Palooza-Days are coming!

Today’s Republican candidates win by appealing to _____.

Rogers and her husband own a home in Tempe, but since 2015 she has been registered to vote in Flagstaff, where she owns _____.

the “Big Coup” bear spray franchise

the entire “Mike Lindell Pillow and Sheet Collection”

Rogers consistently posts to social media accounts viewed _____.

by his 700,000 followers on his home planet

by his Lord and Saviour, Jesus White

Rogers disseminated false statements about _____.

Rogers favorite hashtag is _____.

Rogers attributes the invasion of Ukraine to _____.

an international cabal of jews

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, globalist puppet of godless Jeff Dunham

Asked about Rogers’ impending speech at a racist rally, Gov. Doug Ducey answered _____.

Whatever. Our white supremacist is still better than the Democrat she beat in 2020.

Rogers said “I won’t apologize for _____.”

Ducey said, “Anti-Semitic and hateful language has no place _____.”

in Republican campaigns unless it’s a winning strategy

Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward is convinced _____.

cyber ninjas are magical elven beings

no one can tell she’s actually Ted Nugent in heels

his party is unprepared for the impending shortage of foil

Right after the Arizona Senate reprimanded Rogers, she _____.

raised $2 million from out-of-state critics

circled the Capitol chanting “You won’t replace us”

ordered the Reichstag to be set on fire

Traditional moderate Republicans _____.

I hope Trump’s influence will diminish

can be seen in an endangered species exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Arizona lawmakers want public school educators to _____.

be able to teach K-12

be able to teach from A to K-47

Stop making white kids uncomfortable teaching history

wear electric shock muzzles and collars

leave the education to the parents

Phoenix Republicans hope to one day ban all _____.

all this talk about a so-called “struggle” for civil rights

Now is the time to _____.

move to a more progressive state

Surrender your democracy to the enemies

dig, register, express yourself and vote

The correct answer is: dig, register, speak up and vote.

David Fitzsimmons: [email protected]

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