Genshin Impact’s Nilou is already a cosplay favorite ahead of the 3.1 update

Genshin Impact’s next five-star Hydro character, Nilou, is already extremely popular among cosplayers a week before the release of Update 3.1.

Genshin ImpactNilou, Hydro’s long-awaited five-star character, will be available in version 3.1 this month. Genshin Impact Update, and she’s already become a cosplay favorite. Genshin Impact The characters are arguably the most impactful aspect of HoYoverses’ RPG, each with their own weapons and abilities and using various elements that react during combat. Beyond the intriguing abilities, the characters have their own captivating designs and stories, making it easy for fans to choose their favorites.


Genshin ImpactUpdate 3.0 was massive, adding the beautiful Dendro region of Sumeru and new characters including Dori, Collei, and the hugely popular five-star Tighnari. Some Genshin Impact the characters are apparently even more popular outside of the game in fan art, cosplay, and other fan-made content, as most of the trending characters tend to be harder to pull off banners. The next Genshin Five-star Nilou is no exception as it became extremely popular weeks to months before its 3.1 release.

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Nilou cosplays have been popping up on social media lately, like Genshin ImpactThe September 28 release date for version 3.1 is approaching. The talented cosplayer Erodaicon recently showed off her very beautiful Nilou cosplay, and it’s very impressive. From the Hydro character’s captivating sword, bright red hair, and ornate hairstyle and outfit, it seems that Erodaicon has paid attention to every detail. Nilou’s character design is particularly eye-catching with the red of her hair against the blue and gold found in her clothes. She is also said to be based on the Iranian water goddess, Anahita, fitting Sumeru as she is inspired by North African and South Asian cultures.

Genshin Impact’s Nilou Cosplay Is Beautifully Accurate

Genshin Impact cosplays are usually beautiful due to the intricacy of character design, and Erodaicon’s Nilou is an example of this. While most popular cosplays are playable characters (especially five-star), the quest Genshin characters like Baizhu, Liyue’s pharmacist, are also frequently seen among cosplayers. Genshin fans have already seen glimpses of Nilou’s charming personality and quite a bit of information about her abilities as a supporting character, and many are excited for her release.

Apart from Nilou, Genshin ImpactUpdate 3.1 will expand the Sumeru region by adding a vast desert as well as new enemies and story quests. Cyno, the even more anticipated five-star electro character, will finally be available after 2 years of waiting, as well as alongside the more controversial four-star Candace. Nilou’s banner will work on the second phase of 3.1 after Cyno and Candace, so players will still have to wait a bit before they can pull it. Meanwhile, fans are also waiting for more information on Genshin Impactnext trading card game.

Source: Erodaicon/Twitter

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